Kafka listeners explained, crawling 11k shopping sites, replacing Docker & more

Hi, I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, a platform that provides you with core back-end functions and aut
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Up & Running Weekly

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Hi, I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, a platform that provides you with core back-end functions and automatically scales and maintains them for you.

Kafka listeners - explained
Sensible path to microservices
Dimos Raptis
New blog post: Microservices are dead, long live SOA
10:46 AM - 29 Jun 2019
Compose platforms w/ the API-led connectivity approach
Resilience design patterns: retry, fallback, timeout & more
Prioritize product reliability on your terms
Sharding a PostgreSQL Database with Citus
"...the first thing we need to do is locate an executable area of memory that contains a jmp esp instruction which is unaffected by ASLR so we can reliably hardcode our exploit to return to this address"
9:30 AM - 28 Jun 2019
The programmer mindset - main debug loop
Connection refused? Docker networking and its impact
Easy ingress-nginx troubleshooting with kubectl plugins
Testing Docker dependent Python apps
Step functions as an ad-hoc scheduling mechanism
Transpile between any programming languages - Part 1
Replacing Docker with Podman 
Key conjurer: our policy of least privilege
RedisTimeSeries GA - a truly immersive 4th dimension
Asynchronous replication between MariaDB clusters
There are only integration tests
Mistakes we made adopting event sourcing
Container networking is so interesting! @SingularityApp compose alpha is out in the wild, and here is a single container example with #django + #nginx upload module. https://t.co/QnyhEFKng4 Jump to my dinosaur echos 👉https://t.co/0P6Jzpcr0n or to the docs https://t.co/z3DShwN6wm https://t.co/3iZiVhojBX
11:43 PM - 20 Jun 2019
Scaling from 2,000 to 25,000 engineers on GitHub
How Verizon & a BGP optimizer knocked down the web
Scientific papers
Dark patterns: findings from crawling 11K shopping sites
Architecture decision records
Using Kubernetes for Machine Learning Frameworks • Arun Gupta
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