K8s mistakes, a high-performance Go cache, load balancing at Dropbox & more

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

September 23 · Issue #39 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

All you need to know about API rate limiting
Kubernetes - desired state and control loops
More fundamentals:
How I'm writing serverless services in Go these days
Common mistakes when starting w/ Kubernetes - Part 1
It bothers me a little that @gitlab isn't ubiquitous. Or... Maybe they're just carving out their place for when the whole world is ready for them? 🤔🤯

5:26 PM - 22 Sep 2019
Common mistakes when starting w/ Kubernetes - Part 2
How Tinder boosted its perf with Elastic plugins: Part 2
How far out is AWS Fargate? - Part 2
Kubernetes configuration management, the easy way
Henning Jacobs
Worth a read: what's new in #Kubernetes 1.16 by @sysdig - startupProbe, ephemeral containers, and topology https://t.co/onz5AEIbYC
7:38 AM - 19 Sep 2019
Managing high availability in Postgres – Part III: Patroni
Regex – avoid catastrophic backtracking with lookahead
Pattern to sync data from legacy systems to microservices
Tools & releases
Introducing Ristretto: a high-performance Go cache
Gooey as universal frontend for any language/CLI app
CAOS: OpenStack accounting control (scholar)
FfDL: multi-tenant deep learning platform (scholar)
Felix Seifert
With new acquisitions and the launch of CloudBees SDM, is #Jenkins trying to become another all-in-one? via @gitlab https://t.co/jC0Vhtb5lN
6:24 AM - 22 Sep 2019
From monoliths to microservices: audit plan (scholar)
FERRY: access control + quota management (scholar)
Perennial: audit concurrent, crash-safe systems (scholar)
When TCP sockets refuse to die
Kubernetes is not for operations
Software architecture is overrated
Enhancing Bandaid load balancing at Dropbox
Developing asynchronous microservices • Chris Richardson
A better story for Kubernetes secrets • Seth Vargo
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