Identify speed limits, the value of multi-cloud, accounting AWS costs & more

Hi, I’m your curator Denis, currently building developer platform Jexia. Btw, just feel free to join
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Up & Running Weekly

June 12 · Issue #25 · View online
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Hi, I’m your curator Denis, currently building developer platform Jexia. Btw, just feel free to join my mailing via this rss link.

Cost orchestration at Walmart
Why keeping levels of abstraction matters
Kelsey Hightower
This is why you need more than one Kubernetes cluster in production and the ability to leverage a canary rollout of the various control planes.
1:18 AM - 12 Jun 2019
Performance speed limits: how fast can it go?
Network quality: rise of customized content delivery
Our journey in scaling low latency, multi-region services
Multi-cloud: why it matters
What is serverless, anyway?
Principles of architectural leadership
4:52 PM - 11 Jun 2019
Build a better VR gaming experience w/ Elastic
The essence and value of DevOps for machine learning
SaaS CTO security checklist
AWS costs every programmer should know
Compiling C to WebAssembly without Emscripten
Alec Clews
I wrote a short note on #docker build with *no* build context
3:18 PM - 6 Jun 2019
GitHub desktop 2.0 supports stashing and rebasing
Tupperware: efficient, reliable cluster management
DevSpace: turn a Kubernetes cluster into a dev site
The changing open source landscape
Why I don't do Domain Driven Design
The dangerous folly of “Software as a Service”
Ajay Chenampara
How do you work with private Github repos in @ansible Tower? A new blog post on how I leverage Tower's custom credentials in my workflow:
2:14 PM - 8 Jun 2019
After microservices, does reactive still matter?
Is legacy code hard to read or you just not get it yet?
10 sec., identity & 20% memory loss: why you need backups
DevOpsCon Spring 2019 Opening Keynote - Silos are dead. Long live silos
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