Hexagonal architecture, don't get locked up in avoiding lock-ins, PipelineWise & more

Hi, I’m Denis, your curator, currently scaling developer platform Jexia. Before you start to scan and
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Up & Running Weekly

September 2 · Issue #36 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for DevOps, SRE and I&O professionals. Provided by Jexia devs.

Hi, I’m Denis, your curator, currently scaling developer platform Jexia. Before you start to scan and read, I’d like to let you know I’m looking for a remote colleague, as Infrastructure Engineer. Don’t hesitate to apply! ;-)

Serverless abstraction with containers explained
Kubernetes from the beginning - Part 4: autoscaling
Especially as we're hiring:
A talk with Nuriel Shem-Tov, Jexia's infra team lead. He takes us into the world that's the foundation of Jexia's cloud platform for software developers globally. https://t.co/Ih46Zv32Yu

#devops #hiring #itinfrastructure #itarchitecture #devopsjobs
7:49 PM - 2 Sep 2019
Domain-driven design and the hexagonal architecture
Delivering ReactJS applications at scale
Don't get locked up into avoiding lock-in
William Toll
10 of The Coolest and Most Powerful Supercomputers of All Time - https://t.co/7osikWaLUT
1:09 PM - 2 Sep 2019
How we reduced deployment times by 95%
How I troubleshoot SQL server execution plans
Approval testing your Open API/Swagger documents
Thread safety with affine thread pools
Getting started with serverless WebAssembly
A glimpse into a few fascinating facts and stories around Linux. 28 of them, one for each year of Linux. Happy Birthday Linux!
5:55 PM - 27 Aug 2019
Requirements gathering for legacy system rewrites
Setup a private Docker registry with TLS on Kubernetes
Scrape + store crypto-currency prices w/ Scala & Postgres
What happened to Hadoop
5 potential consequences of a vendor lock-in
Portability between deep learning frameworks
Hamza Khchine
The pitfall of using PostgreSQL advisory locks with Go's DB connection pool - https://t.co/pG3IhRxevM
12:39 AM - 1 Sep 2019
Down the rabbit hole of performance monitoring
The error-proneness of message passing in Golang
Google Home action to manage your Kubernetes cluster
Mesos vs. Kubernetes
Traefik release: v2.0.0-rc1
exFAT in the Linux kernel? Yes!
Obinna Odirionye
🚨I made a tool called *DevOps-pack*. It is an interactive CLI with an All-in-one starter pack that helps you provision your machine with your favorite tools. K8, Go, AWS, Nodejs, Terraform, Ansible, DotNetCore, etc.

Here is a link: https://t.co/0Mq9C5wRfr
RTs are appreciated! https://t.co/xA9ev4ejYt
6:29 PM - 27 Aug 2019
A Prometheus exporter for NATS metrics
Announcing general availability of API tokens
Bringing data sources together with PipelineWise
Introducing Wash - a single interface for common tasks across AWS, GCP and Kubernetes. https://t.co/WE7hEpHcQ8
11:43 AM - 1 Sep 2019
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