Fault domains, building a microservice orchestration service, Lambda's dark side & more

Hi, I’m Denis, your weekly curator, currently scaling dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your week!
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Up & Running Weekly

August 26 · Issue #35 · View online
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Hi, I’m Denis, your weekly curator, currently scaling dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your week!

Describing fault domains
Principles of package and component design
Phillip Smith
Morning 🤓 nerdy ☕️ espresso read: We Re-Launched The New York Times Paywall and No One Noticed https://t.co/bJ2k2Mjzqi https://t.co/L7d5eerBNU
6:28 PM - 29 Aug 2019
Difference between isolation levels vs. consistency levels
Journey from containerization to orchestration and beyond
How we built a microservice orchestration service
Least privilege in Kubernetes using impersonation
Microfrontends — when you shouldn't adopt them
Kubernetes security best practices https://t.co/5XDTWd95c1
9:06 PM - 22 Aug 2019
Queries over 1.3 trillion rows of data within Zhihu
Apply Netflix DevOps patterns to Windows w/ Packer
Uber freight app as lists of modular, reusable components
Software architecture guide
Mutual auto-unseal 2 Vault clusters in Kubernetes
Hacker Noon
"5 Tips to Be More Productive With Kubernetes" by @pjausovec https://t.co/1b69abcMxC #kubernetes #productivity
3:00 PM - 9 Aug 2019
Integration tests to an Ansible collection w/ Molecule
Enhance performance analysis w/ Intel Processor Trace
Understanding Apache Arrow Flight
SQLite: 35% faster than the filesystem
IBM open sources power chip instruction set
Marco Lancini
If you have ever wondered if there is any benefit to using CoreOS/RancherOS/Talos versus installing Kubernetes on a standard Linux distribution. Short answer: we are getting there but not quite yet (for most use cases anyway) https://t.co/Wh2SMw4tyM
9:34 AM - 1 Aug 2019
Test K8s network policy enforcement w/ Sonobuoy
Introducing DepC: OVH platform for computing QoS
Presto infrastructure at Lyft
The dark side of AWS Lambda
Continuous verification of Friday deploys
R Arni
Good read on why developing on @kubernetesio could be better: https://t.co/Npl35o4Mox

Nice call-out to @VMware's Octant! Know the @VMware and @pivotal teams are working to make developers happy and productive on K8s!
5:28 AM - 25 Aug 2019
Build a universal search system for Pinterest
Amazon Cloud outage: major issues at crypto exchanges
How to build a plugin system and also sleep well at night
Strategic domain-driven design
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