eBay’s new unified infra based on K8s, Lyft's Kafka clusters without global ops & more

FYI: my team at Jexia is looking for an accomplished Cloud Devops Engineer and Go developer (both rem
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

September 30 · Issue #40 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

FYI: my team at Jexia is looking for an accomplished Cloud Devops Engineer and Go developer (both remote). Jexia is a cloud platform that provides, scales and maintains core software functions, such as authorization, user management, data storage and RTC, out of the box for developers.

Surgically busting the Docker cache
Scalability tuning on a Tess.IO Cluster Scalability tuning on a Tess.IO Cluster
The benefits of partitions in PostgreSQL
12 Kubernetes configuration best practices
Jesus M Gonzalez-Barahona
@timberners_lee @CERN Today, Cloudflare has announced they are supporting HTTP 3 in their servers https://t.co/dwEkDHZ53S Since Cloudflare is running more than 10% of all the web servers in the world https://t.co/lWQw9oCfTj this is big news for HTTP 3 and QUIC https://t.co/J5Luf99kdU
10:43 AM - 27 Sep 2019
Kafka clusters 24/7 without a global ops team
Transform Typescript types to io-ts runtime validators
Crafting build pipelines with Docker
Keeping an eye on your Docker image size
Deploying Kubernetes Locally - MickroK8s
David Greenstein
Designing Your First Application in Kubernetes, Part 5: Provisioning Storage https://t.co/IQJMkN6y3v https://t.co/WLMrKHtEbc
12:28 AM - 28 Sep 2019
Container image squatting in a multi-registry world
Running Spark on a Docker Swarm
C-lightning plugins: the Prometheus plugin
Matt Steele
I wrote some stuff about building fast GitHub Actions, running Go code in Docker containers, multi stage builds, etc.
5:27 PM - 24 Sep 2019
Go-spring: emulate Java's Spring family bucket
LazyDocker: lazier way to manage all Docker
Privacy + security focused Segment-alternative
The flavors of APIs
Robustness fixes are hard
Evolving regional evacuation Evolving regional evacuation
The ship has sailed: shutdown of Containership.io
Peloton: Uber's webscale unified scheduler on Mesos & K8s
Eleni Fragkiadaki - From 0 to 1 in Go parallel test execution
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