Comparing serverless vendors, UUIDs and ULIDs, securing Kafka & more

I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

March 13 · Issue #12 · View online
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I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.

Functional decomposition for microservices
7 checkboxes to test serverless orchestration services
Remko Seelig
My new blog is here! I did a few experiments with setting up a cheap Kubernetes cluster. I this blog, I will share my first experiences. Looking forward to your reactions! #kubernetes #gcp #blog
9:30 AM - 12 Mar 2019
Guide to monitoring resource metrics with Prometheus
Deploy a scalable web app with Docker and Kubernetes
Route efficiencies in on-demand delivery
Don’t use Jenkins Pipelines for continuous delivery
Octave Klaba
How to monitor your Kubernetes Cluster with OVH Observability - OVH Blog
10:15 PM - 8 Mar 2019
Live data visualization in 4 days with Redis Pub/Sub
Manage infra where 170 devs deploy 1000 times a week
Structured logging: needed friend when things go wrong
Going deep on UUIDs and ULIDs
Design of a modern cache—Part 2
Datadog log management from zero to one
Jeremy Kreutzbender
Been awhile but finally back again with a new blog post: Postgresql Docker Image with Seeded Data. Talking through some steps of generating a zipped database to create an image with seeded data #Docker #PostgreSQL
1:40 AM - 12 Mar 2019
The affinity between events, streams and serverless
Redis cluster sharding – pros, cons, deploying & more
Securing Kafka using Vault PKI
Federated learning with TensorFlow
Leap Security
DevOps Tool StackStorm Vulnerability CVE-2019-9580
3:00 PM - 12 Mar 2019
Peloton, Uber’s unified resource scheduler
Kraken, an open source P2P Docker registry
Kubernetes cluster health check, from your phone
OperatorHub, home for sharing Kubernetes operators
Buildah's mechanics: containers in unprivileged context
Maybe you don't need Kubernetes
Has Margaret Atwood's CPU spiked?
Exposing company secrets through your API - Part 1
Bas van Essen
Monitoring with Prometheus, from the trenches - By Janshair Khan -
10:16 AM - 13 Mar 2019
You don’t need all that complex/expensive infrastructure
Stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity
Ingesting 2 billion New York City taxi rides into Azure
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