CD for machine learning, pitfalls of running a startup on Lambda, Pulumi 1 & more.

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

September 9 · Issue #37 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Control theory is dope
Continuous delivery for machine learning
Angsuman Chakraborty
Reading List – Designing a Practical Distributed System
5:27 AM - 3 Sep 2019
Infrastructure as Code: how it works (in practice)
Building a scalable Terraform project framework
Easy configurations for Prometheus Blackbox checks
🎙Jean-Louis Queguiner
Simplify your #AI research experiments with #Kubernetes via @ovh GG Team
4:21 PM - 6 Sep 2019
How we improved our performance w/ Elastic plugins
Create a scalable, maintainable front-end architecture
Pitfalls of running a serverless startup on AWS Lambda
Introduction to Jepsen testing at Couchbase
A CI/CD pipeline w/ Jenkins, Nexus, Kubernetes
Docker Swarm on a Raspberry Pi Cluster
8:25 PM - 3 Sep 2019
Combined indexes vs. separate indexes in PostgreSQL
Monitoring stack: Docker Swarm, Grafana + Prometheus
Creating Kubernetes clusters — choose a worker node size
Jenkins vs. Gitlab CI
Cadvisor: performance metrics of running containers
Jesus M Gonzalez-Barahona
@a_zerou @tom_mens "ConPan: a tool to analyze packages in software containers", MSR Describes ConPan, a tool for analyzing bugs, vulnerabilities, etc. of packages in Docker container images
4:36 PM - 4 Sep 2019
Kubecost: cross-cloud cost allocation for K8s workloads
PowerToys 1st preview + code release - Windows insider
Anchore: Docker image analysis, validation, certification
What I did wrong as a CTO
SmartOS - a different kind of containers
Duffie Cooley
Solid write up on how kubectl exec works!

I would add that the apiserver has an argument:
Which lets us configure what "address" is used to connect to the kubelet.
great work! @erkan_erol_
7:26 PM - 6 Sep 2019
Demand forecasting tech stack @ Walmart
A response to ‘towards understanding tech debt’
Test code ready containers to run OpenShift 4.x locally
Phillip Morrow
The full kubernetes workshop repo from this last week. I've seen this guy give a docker talk and a kubernetes talk and I walked away from both experiences more knowledgeable.
5:41 AM - 8 Sep 2019
Founding members of K8s discussing its success
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