Building large K8s clusters, fixing CPU limits in the cloud, serverless at scale & more

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

December 9 · Issue #50 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Pithy guide to Kubernetes - Part 1
Kubernetes stateful applications tutorial
4:22 PM - 7 Dec 2019
Multi-master HA Kubernetes in < 5 minutes
Detailed outline of API-driven microservice architecture
Real-world reports
Building large Kubernetes clusters
Wingify towards Docker and Kubernetes
Unthrottled: fixing CPU limits in the cloud
Ukiah Danger Smith ⚡
Kind has a new release. 🎉

#Kubernetes #docker
1:19 PM - 6 Dec 2019
Streaming Cassandra into Kafka in (near) real-time
Network isolation for 1,500 services to secure Monzo
Our journey to a serverless/micro-service architecture
Kubernetes log aggregation
Visual guide on troubleshooting K8s deployments
Sumit jaiswal
To learn the best practices for integrating security technologies with Ansible, here is my talk with @TheMaxamillion on Development Deep Dive - How to Write a security integration module for Ansible #ansible #ansiblefest19 #aniblesecurityautomation
9:02 AM - 13 Oct 2019
Tainting and labeling K8s nodes to run special workload
Better histogram usability for Prometheus and Grafana
Elastic Stack 7.5.0 released
Kafka consumer lag checking
Netflix open-sources framework for data science
Manuel Abarca
Zuul is a gateway service made by Netflix that provides dynamic routing, monitoring, resiliency, security, and more

It can be used as an edge proxy service in a microservices architecture #Microservices
1:26 AM - 8 Dec 2019
Kills half of your randomly selected K8s pods
Serverless K8s pods w/ Amazon EKS and AWS Fargate
K8s-style APIs to cluster creation, config & management
Serverless at scale
Our journey with Gardener so far
Ajeet Singh Raina
Thank you @BretFisher
for bringing two of my favourites @kelseyhightower
& @jpetazzo together for this podcast. This will surely help community understand where #Kubernetes is heading to and better understanding around Containers and upcoming technologies.
2:23 PM - 6 Dec 2019
(re) Building trust by doing less at Strava
Real-time user signal for feature engineering
Academic articles
Lessons and pitfalls in building Firefox with Tup
Docker, Swarm & K8s production like a pro • Bret Fisher
The state of K8s development tooling • Ellen Körbes
About this weekly:
Up & Running Weekly is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Infra & DevOps pros. I’m Denis, your curator, working from the Netherlands to help build a cloud-based dev platform called Jexia. Jexia is helps you to build serverless API-driven applications in a fast and simple way. Reach out me via denis at
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