Building a vectorized SQL engine, latency 10x higher due to K8s & more.

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

November 11 · Issue #46 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Brief history of multi-cluster Kubernetes
A guide to open source for microservices
Real-world reports
How we built a vectorized SQL engine
Kubernetes made my latency 10x higher
Let's create a simple load balancer with Go
Santiago Fraire Willemoës
Wrote a short post on how to manage multiple kubernetes configurations.
5:37 PM - 9 Nov 2019
Microcloud with a few Raspberry Pis and K8s - Part 1
K8s app deployments w/ cloud native Buildpacks & kapp
DDD and bulk operations
Jenkins CI/CD with Git secrets
Andrea Zonca
Quick tutorial on how to use @yuvipanda's `hubtraf` to simulate some load on #JupyterHub:
It worked great to test Cluster Autoscaler for #kubernetes on @jetstream_cloud (tutorial about that: @XSEDEscience
5:45 PM - 1 Nov 2019
Stop using ridiculously low DNS TTLs
Dealing with failure in a distributed system
Inside TensorFlow
Announcing Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf (KOTS)
Lino Telera
My toolbox for Kubernetes development (so far) di @filippomito
4:48 PM - 29 Oct 2019
Announcing Visual Studio Online's public preview
Easing microservices on K8s with Microsoft’s Dapr
Beta release Dgraph GraphQL - its inception story
Thoughts on DNS-over-HTTPS
You probably shouldn’t use K8s for your startup
Privileged Containers Aren't Containers #docker #k8s #Kubernetes
12:21 PM - 30 Oct 2019
Don’t wait for functionless. Write less functions instead
Friday deploy freezes are exactly like murdering puppies
Academic articles
How to eat an elephant: one microservice at a time
Duration: 21 minutes
Starting with a modern time series database and Grafana
Duration: 59 minutes
Docker in blockchain projects – MicroService everything
Duration: 20 minutes
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