Abusing Kubernetes API, using perforce in Jenkins, running Jaeger Agent & more

I'm Denis, DevOps engineer at Jexia. I hope you enjoy my weekly DevOps digest. Of course let me know
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

February 4 · Issue #8 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

I’m Denis, DevOps engineer at Jexia. I hope you enjoy my weekly DevOps digest. Of course let me know when you have a suggestion.

What’s tops in DevOps?
How to build a technology platform
Understanding Kubernetes cluster autoscaling
Why containers are a game changer for software development
Abusing Kubernetes API server proxying
Using perforce in a complex Jenkins pipeline
Finding Kafka’s throughput limit in Dropbox infrastructure
The accessibility problem that Songkick fixed, using geometry
Bas van Essen
5:33 PM - 4 Feb 2019
Can Kubernetes keep a secret? It depends what tool you’re using
Detect performance anomalies in external firmware deployments
Node, gRPC, and Postgres
Running Jaeger Agent on bare metal
MicroK8s, part 3: deploy a pod in Kubernetes
Journey to event driven – part 1: why event-first thinking changes everything
How to improve neural network stability and modeling performance with data scaling
RabbitMQ clustering with Consul in Nomad
Auditing containers with osquery
Podman can now ease the transition to Kubernetes and CRI-O
Bridging offline and nearline computations with Apache Calcite
Overcoming RESTlessness
Microservices after two years
The FaceTime bug and the dangers of implicit state machines
Are sidechains a better solution for scaling Bitcoin?
Remote jobs
A system design cheat sheet
Container storage & CephFS - Part 3: Scale testing
Augmented Network Visibility with High-Resolution Metrics - FOSDEM 2019
Deploy Kubernetes on OpenStack through Terraform @ Cloud Native Computing Paris Jan. 2019
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