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Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

October 28 · Issue #43 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Thinking in Kubernetes
The commands to know with Kubectl
Free book: 245 pages about Kubernetes patterns
Real world reports (aka best-practices)
K8s, MetalLB and Pihole
Using parameterized docker builds
How Spotify halved build times with just one script
Alex Ellis
How do you rollback deployments in Kubernetes? @learnk8s

3:29 PM - 20 Oct 2019
ML web API using NGINX and Docker on K8s in Python
Securing Apache Airflow UI with DAG level access
12 factor apps in plain English
Painless status reporting in GitHub pull requests
Aki Ariga
Pipeline tool for GNES, semantic search for any-to-any/GNES Flow: a Pythonic Way to Build Cloud-Native Neural Search Pipelines · Han Xiao Tech Blog - Deep Learning, NLP, AI https://t.co/1SelyzJTzM
7:15 AM - 28 Oct 2019
A Kafka tutorial for everyone, no matter your stage
Run a Postfix container to test mail during development
Helm 2.15.0 released
Open sourcing spark-redshift-community
Artsy Open Source
Self-described "Kubernetes noob" @pinadoleada writes about an open-source tool that Artsy developed to make living with - and learning - k8s easier: Hokusai. Could it be the answer to your k8s struggles?

https://t.co/fDRtzGReyd https://t.co/uXWVfogG9F
5:00 PM - 21 Oct 2019
Introducing the Docker desktop WSL 2 backend
Open sourcing Mantis: a platform for building cost-effective, realtime, operations-focused applications
Agile, the castration of IT
What's next for observability
Dusan Odalovic
Just published post describing alternatives when choosing technologies for multiple #microservice #development teams


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11:20 AM - 12 Oct 2019
Don’t kludge serverless cloud applications
Why Lightspeed led Grafana to a $24 mln investment
Academic articles
A performant networking protocol for microservices
Implementing distributed tracing in FaaS
Duration: 39 minutes.
IoTronic: FaaS for IoT in the Fog - Giovanni Merlino
Duration: 19 minutes
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