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Energy & Clean Tech - Issue #2

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Energy & Clean Tech

The ECT Digest focuses on energy storage, future mobility and digitalization of the energy sector. We will also offer information of and access to the most prestigious events in the realm of energy and clean tech.

Hello readers, 
I am feeling extremely energized! Last Saturday, I was invited to the semi-final of Hult Prize Pakistan competition; judging the Startup Pitches related to this years’ theme: Harnessing the Power of Energy to Transform the lives of 10 million people. The level of enthusiasm, energy, and determination to transform the lives of millions of people; that I have witnessed in these University Students is beyond imagination. I am certain, it is the same that prevails among the youth of other countries; especially the emerging economies. Would be able to share about the winning ideas and teams after the Country Finals going to be held later this month. Did you witness the same in Hult Prize Competitions in your Country? Please share your experience and link to the information. 
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Today; May 2nd, 2018, UNDP Pakistan has launched Pakistan National Human Development Report. While it raises concerns; but it also brings to notice Entrepreneurial Opportunities for the products and services particularly targeting a segment of youth which is unserved. If interested to see the full report; download here!
P.S The reason for sharing this here; how much potential we have as an emerging economy with a median age of 23.2 years of our youth population in Pakistan. 
The Youth of Pakistan as 100 People
The Youth of Pakistan as 100 People
New Energy Pioneers 2018
Each year, Bloomberg identify 10 game-changing companies globally in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. Winners are unveiled at the Future of Energy Summit, offering invaluable press attention and networking opportunities.
New Energy Pioneers 2018 | Bloomberg New Energy Finance | Bloomberg Finance LP
An interesting Business Model - Can it work in South Asian Countries?
I have come across an interesting article How to get a ‘free’ solar panel and battery. ShineHub is a startup initiated this new business model which looks amazing. Can this business model work in South Asian and other Central Asian Countries? I would like to know what are your thoughts.  
ShineHub: How to get a ‘free’ solar panel and battery
Electrify Europe Expo & Conference
Electrify Europe will be held on 19 - 21, June 2018 in Vienna, Austria. It is claimed to be the world’s first event dedicated to the convergence underway between the power generation and transmission & distribution sectors, driven by digitalization, decarbonization, decentralization, and electrification.
Electrify Europe will be held on 19 - 21, June 2018 in Vienna, Austria.
Electrify Europe will be held on 19 - 21, June 2018 in Vienna, Austria.
The world’s first 3D printed wind turbine!
The world’s first 3D printed wind turbine wins award | Renewable Energy | Energy Digital
A positive example of green construction!
The building also earned an Energy Star score of 100 for operations in 2017!
While you just read about a positive example; you must be curious! Here, you got an opportunity to learn how to build a green architecture this summer - with Earthship!
Exclusive for Youth - Sustainable Living!
Earthship’s first Exclusive Youth Academy for people between 16 to 20 years old will be held from July 2 to July 20, 2018. Learn to build Sustainable Architecture and promote sustainable living. 
Youth Academy — EARTHSHIP GLOBAL    Michael Reynolds
Blockchain Is Making Its Way Into The Energy Industry
Blockchain is Making Its Way Into The Energy Industry
#SET100 List 2018 – The best 100 start-ups working on the global energy transition
Job Opportunities!
From this issue; we will be initiating Job Opportunities section. In case you see an opening related to Energy and Clean Tech sector; anywhere in the world; please feel free to share.
  1. The first one we have here today is at International Solar Energy Society; Germany. ISES is looking for Communications and outreach officer
  2. Research Internships are open for a period of 3 Months at Cleantech Group in San Francisco Bay Area, CA or London, UK. 
  3. Applications are open from nationals of IEA member countries. Recruitment is done through the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the IEA shares the OECD conditions of service. 
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