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Energy & Clean Tech - Issue #13 - ⚡ The ‘How to Build a CleanTech Startup’ Edition 🔥

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Energy & Clean Tech

The ECT Digest focuses on energy storage, future mobility and digitalization of the energy sector. We will also offer information of and access to the most prestigious events in the realm of energy and clean tech.

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The ‘How to Build a CleanTech Startup’ Edition
Hello there~ How’s it going?
What a bumper year we had in 2020 with ‘The-Thing-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named’ 🙈, huge announcements of policy ambitions towards net-zero that resulted in a ESG ETFs record breaking surge~
We are back with the Energy & Clean Tech Digest along with our subscribers count nearly hitting 3.5K on our mission to spread innovations and disruptions of this raving sector, we strive to offer the best information and knowledge in the realm of energy and clean tech!
Without further ado, onto the shout outs.
Here’s What (and Who) You Need to Know
The first thing you need to do is a Market Survey.
This includes identification of the problem you’re interested to solve, community that is to be impacted and competition; how other players in the market are resolving the same problem for this or other/similar communities.
The 10 Ways Renewable Energy’s Boom Year Will Shape 2021 - Bloomberg
Secondly… and probably the hardest… Secure Intellectual Property!!!
Intellectual property (IP) refers to the process by which an individual or company can own the rights to a created product. By securing your IP early on, you’ll protect yourself against copycats, so, file your patent or apply for your trademark or copyright.
How and Why Startups Must Protect Their Intellectual Property at All Costs
Thirdly… get it in Writing~
One way to set your startup off on the right path is to write a good business plan. Using the market research you did earlier, create your plan of attack and decide what you want to accomplish with your new business. Determine goals and milestones, and what steps you need to make it to those milestones.
5 Secrets to Giving Your Best Cleantech Business Plan Pitch Revealed | Department of Energy
Fourthly… Apply for an Accelerator Program?
If you need some additional resources and expertise, consider applying for an accelerator - a program for startup businesses that helps speed the growth of the company by providing a mentor network and sometimes a small investment.
Cleantech Open National
Finally… this list is not exhaustive (and probably nothing is~ until you try!)
These steps are just the tip of the iceberg, its a long and tough journey but definitely an enriching one. I’m on a parallel path as with many of you and let’s get connected on Linkedin to see if we might meet at a cross road~ If not, you have my very best wishes of luck and I will see you on the cleaner and greener future of ours!
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That’s enough for now. We’ll be in touch again next month~
Signing Off, Shuxin Lim 😉
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