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Energy & Clean Tech - Issue #12 - 🌎 Day Edition

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Energy & Clean Tech

The ECT Digest focuses on energy storage, future mobility and digitalization of the energy sector. We will also offer information of and access to the most prestigious events in the realm of energy and clean tech.

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Dear Readers... Did you remember 🌎 day?
Fifty years ago on 22nd April, the first Earth Day was established as a peaceful call for global environmental reform, following a massive oil spill off the coast of California. Half a century later, who would have expected that most of us are grounded both literally and figuratively, it’s important now more than ever to push on for a greater cause!
Our environmental efforts doesn’t begin and end in April, Earth Day is a reminder that we much all stand and we can do our part!
Solve, Shape or Serve the Future of Energy: Global Applications for the 2020 Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator are open! - Techstars
New Energy Challengers (NEC)
Recent Deals – Covid-19 Plant Burgers, Micro-algae and Flying Cars, 30 March | Cleantech Group
Solar Surprise: Small-Scale Solar a Better Deal than Big
Tools/ Videos
Diverse Startups Do Better: How To Make Yours More Inclusive At Any Stage
5 of the Best TED Talks about Renewable Energy | Climate Reality
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