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I've been writing these analyses since early 2020, and it's been an epic journey so far. I haven't charged a penny, but it's time for a small change.

The newsletter will remain free, but if you'd like to support me you can.

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Everyone wants something for nothing. I get that. I'm human too. But nobody goes to a restaurant expecting a free lunch, now do they?

Think of it this way: if you're a smoker why not throw away the packet and support my work instead? The same thing goes for over consumption of alcohol or bad food habits. Take your pick on any trivial monthly expense you're currently paying, and let's build generational wealth.

If you're perfect, that's commendable. In that case, your support is even more heartfelt. I am of course, merely sharing my insights and the usual disclaimers always apply.

I'm eternally grateful for your readership regardless, and will continue to provide insight, learn and share knowledge to the best of my ability. As I'm sure you noticed, pricing is very modest.

Thank you legends.

See you in the next one.

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