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Weekly newsletter of Chris Lynch Writes Stuff - Issue #1

Chris Lynch Writes Stuff
Chris Lynch Writes Stuff
It’s been a while since I had a newsletter, but when I saw the option to sign up with Revue in my Twitter feed it inspired me to give it another try. I hate repeating my posts on social media, it always feels like I’m spamming the people who’ve made the effort to hit “follow” on my profile, but I also know that anything I post has a perilous short lifespan and there might be some *really good stuff* that people miss.
So, if you signed up - thanks very much! I’m glad to feel the warm embrace of your inbox. If you’re reading this in the “past issues” section of revue, don’t worry - this is the first ever newsletter I’ve done on revue so you’re all caught up now :-)
So, what’s been going on?

I'm still getting over These 3 Streams
I enjoyed being at These 3 Streams so much. It really was a magical event, managing to take over pretty much the entire town for the weekend. If you’re wondering what all the fuss was about, you really should check out the website -
(You’re going to want to bookmark that, for next year)
I’ll be posted a more complete blog for next issue but, in the meantime, enjoy my promo video… The Haunted Teapot.
I’ve been working through my back catalogue of comic book work and uploading everything to my new website. It’s been a while since I worked in comics and I’ve realised I do miss it (but I maybe don’t miss chasing up artists for pages!).
The God Trap
I recently updated my website from Wordpress to Kirby. It’s been a very enjoyable experience, particularly because Kirby seems to have been perfectly designed to hit my sweetspot between being able to tinker with the site and easily introduce new features but not having to work through the dull stuff.
I’ll be putting some posts up for next week about my rebuild experience and my first adaptations to Kirby!
(You might notice I’ve already implemented an age gate on some of my more… racy content)
There was no Soundclash this week as our mixer has failed. If you’re looking for your fix of Soundclash action, here’s an episode from a weeks ago…
See you next time!
Hope you enjoyed this week’s content (and hey, it’s just the first newsletter!).
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Chris Lynch Writes Stuff
Chris Lynch Writes Stuff

Writes a lot. Talks a lot. #writer, #technologist, #hypnotist, #foodie. Usually #amwriting about #magic, #SEO, #tech, or unspeakable horrors from another world.

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