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Covid Jab ADR's V Flu Jab ADR's

Information that I cant fit in a single tweet
Information that I cant fit in a single tweet
I have been looking at the vast amount of Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions reported on the UK Yellow Card System and trying to make some sense of it.
I decided to try and make a comparison with another vaccination for respiratory illnesses, namely the Flu Vaccination.
When compared to previous inoculation regimes. What I have found has really shocked me.
These are the comparative results I have found so far.
COVID-19 Jabs
Currently in the last 6 months up to 23/06/21 they have administered 78,254,768 Covid Jabs
Deaths 439 Pfizer 223,404 suspected reactions
Deaths 936 Oxford AZ 762,706 suspect reactions
Deaths 5 Moderna 18,548 suspected reactions
Deaths 23 Brand Unspecified 863 suspect reactions
1,403 got a jab & died
1,005,521 suspect reactions
Yes over 1 Million reported suspected Adverse Reactions to the Jab and over 1,400 Deaths associated to the Jab.
FLU Jabs
We have been administering Flu Jabs since 1963 (58 years) Since 2014 to present (Just 7 years) we have administered 89,926,103 jabs.
(I don’t have the inoculation numbers for the previous 51 years. But you can conservatively quadruple the amount stated.
Total Flu Jab Reactions 43,929 Deaths 284, In 58 years
I have added links to all the UK Government reports that have allowed me to gather the data so far. (Please see below).
Now lets deal with the naysayers
1) The Yellow Card System only reports suspected Adverse Drug Reactions
a) This is quite correct, the YC system does not confirm a direct correlation between injection and reaction. In most cases its impossible to do. It was designed as a safety monitoring system for all Adverse Drug Reactions including Flu Vaccines.
The YC system has been fully digital for many years, so the ability to report ADR’s for both COVID & FLU Jabs has been available for many years.
Lets just re-cap on the numbers again.
COVID 6 Months = 78,254,768 jabs, 1,403 Suspect Deaths, 1,005,512 Suspect reactions
Flu (7 Years) = 89,926,103 jabs 284 Suspect Deaths (58 Years) 43,929 Suspect reactions (58 years)
Both types of inoculation are monitored in the same way through the YC System.
This points to huge problems with the safety of the COVID Jab when compared to the Flu Jab.
Something is wrong with the safety of this jab!
2) Anyone can use the YC System so you cant rely on the reports
a) I refer to my previous answer that both sets of inoculations are monitored and reported in exactly the same way. Hence if there was an actual problem with inconsistent or false reporting it would show in both sets of data.
This answer also covers people that say all the reports are from Anti Vaxers. (They would do the same for all vaccines, because they are, “Anti Vax”).
Something is wrong with the safety of this jab!
3) Stopping the jab will cause even more deaths. The end justifies the means.
a) It wont. The vulnerable (You know the ones that where getting sick, dying and overwhelming the NHS) were all vaccinated by March 2021.
Remember Cabinet Members saying “cry freedom” once completed?
We are now in a completely different situation and risk/benefit with this jab plus its serious safety issues must now be properly considered.
As we have already jabbed all the vulnerable (In fact an awful lot more than that) and before we drop down the age ranges even further.
We need an immediate moratorium on this COVID Jab Rollout.
We have over a million reported adverse reactions and have no medium or long term safety data.
For the love of god, stop this, don’t jab the kids. We could be creating a humanitarian disaster on a scale never seen before.
4) The Variants are coming, the variants are coming.
a) The Delta Variant does appear to spread more easily and seems to be more contagious. However with so many issues within the flawed testing systems:
LFT can give a positive test result with a drop of fruit juice, negative with diet coke.
PCR Testing cant tell the difference between live or dead virus
Neither were designed to be used as medical diagnosis tools.
& Coupled with over 1 million tests every day. Its hard to know if it does actually spread faster.
Even if it does, the fundamental issue with the Delta Variant that no-one is mentioning is it is 20 times less dangerous than the original virus.
(Link to UK Gov document at the bottom see page 11)
Now just think about that for a moment. What would have been the situation with the NHS last year with no-one vaccinated and a virus 20 time less dangerous?
20 times less deaths?
20 times less NHS admissions?
20 times less serious illness.
Well now the UK Government has already jabbed anyone who is vulnerable as well vast amount of people that could have dealt with the virus like a cold.
But No the Variants. Lets Jab everyone. Kids! Cats! Dogs! Babies next?
Please, check, look at the facts and think.
We are heading down a very dangerous untested path, we have no safety information to guide us and we seem to have thrown all previous medical and scientific leaning out with the bath water.
We could very easily be heading for catastrophe.
I am just asking for a moment of pause, to stop, check the facts, check the science, check the reactions and make treble sure the right thing is being done for the wellbeing of society, not the increased financial rewards of the few that appear to be spearheading this headlong rush.
I have tried my best to produce information that is both factual and informative, its difficult to not include my own opinion, because like the rest of us, this is also happening to me and mine.
This was my first, go at this, I hope you found it useful.
Kind regards

Coronavirus vaccine - weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting - GOV.UK
Now lets compare that with Flu Jabs
In the UK since 1963 we have used 2 types. Below is the total amount of ADRs since 1963.
Type 1
Inactivated Influenza Vaccine started in 1963. Total ADR’s from 09/10/1963 – 08/04/21
Reactions 35,068 Deaths 277 (UK Gov Website)
Type 2
Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine started in 2012. Total ADR’s from 10/10/2012 – 28/02/21
Reactions 8,861 Deaths 7 (UK Gov Website)
2020-2021 = 19,629,095 flu jabs
2019-2020 = 14,566,163 flu jabs.
2018-2019 = 14,351,245 flu jabs
2017 - 2018 = 10,794,092 flu jabs
2016 - 2017 = 10,210,543 flu jabs
2015 - 2016 = 10,174,974 flu jabs
2014 - 2015 = 10,199,991 flu jabs
Delta Variant is 20 times less lethal than the original virus. (See Page 11)
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Information that I cant fit in a single tweet
Information that I cant fit in a single tweet

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