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Help Ukraine - LCS Issue #43

Chris J Wilson
Chris J Wilson
A break from the regular sketchnote roundups to share some practical ideas for how you can help Ukraine in this time of need.

I spent two wonderful years in Dnipro, Ukraine. During that time I made great friends who are now living in fear of an invasion rocking their country. The reason? They dared to push for an end of corruption and the hope of democracy back in 2014.
One the last few days, friends from around the world have asked me how they can help. Honestly, I’ve asked myself the same question. Here are a few practical ways you can.
Continued action from our politicians is important. This means contacting your politicians to
  • Thank them for their efforts so far
  • Encourage continued pressure on Russia
  • Encourage your govenements to welcome and support Ukrainian refugees
People need food and resources. Here are a few charities at work in Ukraine you can give to that will make a difference.
There are probably local groups in your country which are also helping.
One over looked role is simply helping people connect those who have with those in need. In Poland, we’ve seen chains of support from people collecting to drivers to the front line, returning with refugees to temporary accommodation and then getting them to family members else where.
One of the best tools for this have been local Facebook groups where you can say what you have and see requests for help. 
The ocean is made of drops
The news from Ukraine can seem overwhelming at times. There’s so much we can do and so it can feel hard to know what to do. It can also feel like our efforts are so small that they won’t matter. They’ll be just a drop in the ocean.
But as Mother Teresa said, the ocean is made drops.
Even the smallest mercy can make a profound difference in one person’s life.
I hope you’ll join the thousands of others who are making a difference.
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Chris J Wilson
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