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Curiosity hasn't always killed the cat - Sketchnote Roundup - Issue #49

Chris J Wilson
Chris J Wilson
Hi, I’m Chris and this is the sketchnote roundup — a short newsletter with two inspiring visuals and some bonus content each week.
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Content: Curosity didn't always kill the cat...
Andy McNally
Curiosity Killed the Cat.
The original proverb was less dreadful sounding. The original saying was “care killed the cat.” Cats worried about others and would spend one of their nine lives worrying.

#sketchnotes #illustration #conceptsapp #cat #curiosity #proverbs
Funny how this proverb changed its meaning. I’m sure you’ll agree that Andy’s style is fantastic too.
Style: Portrait in your sketchnote
Emily Mills - Instagram
I loved Emily’s use of a photo to create a hybrid style with the duotone background. While I didn’t copy the duotone approach, I did steal the portrait.
Tutorial: Adding a portraits to a sketchnote
I deliberately left space for Alex’s portrait. Then I added a clipping mask layer with a black fill and set it to saturation (to remove the colour).
If I were doing it again, I’d probably start by adding the image and header, info, then work the information around that, but it worked fine this time.
Bonus: The archive
This week I categorised all the sketchnotes and visuals I’ve shared in a notion board so you can skim back and find a tutorial or idea to inspire you this week. Great if you recently joined.
Coming soon...
I’ve been reworking my 30 days of Sketchnoting course and it’s turning into something completely different.
A 30 day cohort challenge focused on building visual creating skills with atomic visuals (visuals with one idea) instead of sketchnotes.
Every day, you make a share a visual. Each week there’s a new training session (self-accessed) and there’s also a live feedback session.
I’m looking to run the first cohort in May for at most 10 people and already have 3 people signed up.
If you would be interested in joining, send me a reply and I’ll check if you’re a good fit.
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Chris J Wilson
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