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Are you a Hero on a mission? Or are you Precrastinating? The Sketchnote Roundup - Issue #50

Chris J Wilson
Chris J Wilson
Welcome to issue 50 of the learn create share newsletter — and issue 20(ish) of the sketchnote roundup.
Thank you for subscribing, whenever you did. It means a lot to have people send kind comments.

Hero on a mission
Kristine Kolling is a graphic recorder based in Copenhagen. I saw her sketchnote overview of Hero On A Mission by Donald Miller (I’m a long time fan of Don’s writing) and asked her if I could feature her sketchnote.
I love her use of colour as well as the cartoon characters.
What is PREcrastination?
Chris J Wilson
Everyone knows about PROcrastination, but have you heard of precrastination?
Last week I read about precrastination and though it would make for an interesting sketchnote. Instead of delaying work till it’s too late, we start work to early to our detriment.
The most famous experiment to show this is with two buckets of apples, the participants had to collect them both and bring them back to the start. A massive 80% picked up the first bucket, took it over to the second, then returned to the start (instead of picking up the further bucket and then collecting the nearer bucket on their way back).
One of the most interesting things for me was the effect of cognitive load — the more we have on our mind, the more likely we’re going to blindly start doing the first thing that comes along.
Bonus: A visual thread
Chris J Wilson
I made my first sketchnote some time in 2014.
it sucked (like most people's).

• The images were badly drawn
• There was no logical structure
• and you couldn't read the handwriting.

Since then I've learned a lot.

Here are 8 sketchnoting lessons
I’m playing with these visual thread ideas. I’d love to know what you think. They certainly stand out on social media more than a large sketchnote.
Enjoy the May holiday if you have it
This issue was a bit delayed due to our May bank Holiday plans.
If you have the day off, enjoy it. If not I hope your day is as relaxing as a day off anyway.
See you next week!
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Chris J Wilson
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