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Welcome to Learn, Create, Share from Chris J Wilson - Issue #6

Welcome to Learn, Create, Share from Chris J Wilson - Issue #6
By Chris J Wilson • Issue #6 • View online
About a year ago, someone, I don’t remember who, challenged me. This person asked what connected all the things that motivate me. I thought for a while and listed the things that not only motivate me now, but also motivated me in the past. I came up with this simple, three-word set.
Learn, create, share.
I love learning new information and skills. It’s amazing to discover something new or be able to do something I couldn’t before.
I don’t believe knowledge is the end, it has to be put to use and that means creating something born out of that knowledge or new skill.
This is not just about sharing create work or new knowledge, it’s about being generous and caring for other people. In some cases this is connected to the previous points but it’s also independent. I have been greatly blessed in my life and others haven’t. I believe it is my duty to share that.
Perhaps you can see how this newsletter matches those three words. And why I have renamed this newsletter to Learn, create, share.

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