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🧠+ 😄 - Chris J Wilson Issue #1.5

🧠+ 😄 - Chris J Wilson Issue #1.5
By Chris J Wilson • Issue #1 • View online
I hope you don’t mind me moving the newsletter over to Revue. I saw Greg Morris using Revue and got jealous. The ability to quickly add links from different sources was really appealing to me.
I’m not sure how this experiment will turn out but I’m kind of hoping for something like Austin Kleon or Greg’s newsletters.
Hopefully, it will evolve into its own unique thing as it continues. My basic aim is to share things that made me think and made me smile during the week. Perhaps they will have the same effect on you.

I’d love to know what you like and any suggestions you have.

Sneek Peek - Good Mornings
  1. Start with Water
  2. Make Coffee
  3. Meditate/pray - silence
  4. Write something 
  5. Read something inspiring
  6. Do some exercise
I’ve been working on what leads to a good morning for me. I’ve generalised some of these points to make them more applicable to everyone. If you have noticed anything that improves the quality of your mornings, hit reply and let me know.
(This is a sneak peek as it will probably become a blog post of some sort)
Great reads from the around the web
Famous Speeches: A List of the Greatest Speeches of All-Time
On finishing well | Seth's Blog
Exclusive: Screenshots reveal iOS 13 Dark Mode, new Reminders app, more
Things I made
Chris Wilson - Sketchnoter on Instagram: “Had a bit of fun playing with procreate and making a simple sled-portrait.”
Till next week
I hope you have a great start to June. For me, this marks almost a year at my current job and a year on from leaving teaching. Time to reflect, celebrate and be thankful.
Speaking of which, I’m thankful you subscribed.
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