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🍟The Might of McDonald's (and why you care)

1) Kill Choice“If we gave people choice, there would be chaos." - Richard McDonaldOriginally, "McDonald's Barbecue" serves pulled pork sandwiches, burgers and more.But the McDonald's brothers start inspecting receipts to find best sellers. And they cut the me…


📺 Ads usually suck..

Teeth so strong you can bite off a billboard.(2008)


✖️Inventing the spreadsheet

The year is 1978. And Dan Bricklin is a student at Harvard Business School. Like any good Harvard student, one day he starts daydreaming. But instead of dreaming about Bitcoin and NFTs, he thinks..."Imagine if my calculator had a ball in its back, like a mous…


💻 Apple is the best cult

In 2000, Steve Jobs has a problem. How could he sell more Apple products without becoming dependent on major retailers? His solution? Build his own store.


💻 Bill Gates got lucky (once)

So we all know the Bill Gates story. A brilliant kid who loves computers. Drops out of Harvard in 1975 to start Microsoft with his childhood friend, Paul Allen. Gates and Allen originally sell code interpreters to companies like MITS (Micro Instrumentation an…


🏂 Snowboards to $160 billion biz

Tobi Lutke loved computers. He gets his first one at age 6. Starts programming at 12. And drops out of high school at 16. Why?"Computers were so much more interesting."He immediately takes an apprenticeship in his hometown in Germany for a subsidiary of Sieme…


📣 Most advice sucks...

(1) Family Treasure1) Get a blank book2) Ask each family member over 50 to write down life advice that their descendants in 500 yrs should know3) Keep passing it downYou now have a family treasure that gets more useful over time.(2) Airplane Mode Hack"If you’…


📺 How Twitch Almost Failed

So Emmett Shear and Justin Kan graduate from Yale in 2005 and launch their first business: Kiko CalendarIt was a calendar for Gmail before Google Calendar.


📠 From Fax Machines to $1B brand

Sarah Blakely was selling fax machines door-to-door in Clearwater, Florida.At 25, she got promoted to national sales trainer.But she woke up one day and thought,‘I’m in the wrong movie, call the director! What happened? This is not my life.”So she started ask…


🐇 Down a James Clear Rabbit Hole

(for those who don't know- James Clear is the author of #1 New York Times best seller Atomic Habits (5 million copies sold worldwide). I read the book in March 2020 and it changed the way I build systems for success.)


👀 Apple was 90 days from bankruptcy

In 1983, Steve Jobs convinces the CEO of Pepsi to join Apple. His name is John Sculley. Jobs' recruiting pitch is very simple: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water?or do you want a chance to change the world?”


👊 Freshman year punched me in the face

So I was an incoming freshman at Yale. Recruited to play on the lacrosse team. And I show up to campus that Fall with some confidence. Thinking I was ready for anything.I was dead wrong. First month gives me pneumonia which lands me in the hospital.Then I get…


✍️ Jerry Seinfeld's Writing System

The Scene: A yellow legal pad.20 pages of observations and half sentences.A desk.A fresh cup of coffee.Welcome to Jerry Seinfeld's morning for the past 30 years.He sees himself as an athlete.His sport is standup comedy.And his practice is writing."Stand up co…


From "Dumbest in School" to Billionaire

Branson grew up middle class. Right from the start, he struggled with school. He didn't like his classes and dyslexia made it more difficult.At 8 years old, he still couldn't read. "I was seen as the dumbest person in school."


🕸How to Build a Legit Network🕸

Ok, so this system distills everything I've tried over the past year in working to build my own network. If you do this, the people and opportunities on the other side are incredible. Here we go...Phase 1: Meet a lot of peopleDo this in 3 ways:1) Podcast2) Co…


👶 Explain it like I'm 5 👶

What is short selling a stock?


📦 Netflix CEO predicted failure

In 2007, Roku CEO Anthony Wood cold calls Reed Hastings. Here's how it MAY have went down😉Wood: "Hey Reed I want to build the best TV streaming box for Netflix that the world's ever seen."Hastings: "How did you get my number?"


🤯 $600 salary to $600B empire

Joe Tsai was born in January 1964 in Taipei, Taiwan. His Dad was a lawyer and the 1st Taiwanese person to receive a degree from Yale Law.His family leaves Taiwan and he enrolls at a US boarding school called Lawrenceville. He goes to Yale undergrad and then e…


🤡 Don't plan your career?

Rule 1: Don't plan your career. The world is changing too fast.Impossible to plan when you can't predict the future. Career planning = Career limiting2) Treat your career as an investment portfolio. Need both safe and risky investments with different returns …


🙅 Facebook rejection to $19B exit

Jan Koum met Brian Acton in 1998. They spent 9 years working together at Yahoo and became good friends.But in 2007, they both left Yahoo with some cash and no plans.At first Acton and Koum applied to Facebook...and failedthey were proud members of the "Facebo…