Chinchilla Squeaks

By Chris Chinchilla

Chinchilla Squeaks - To open or not to open



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Chinchilla Squeaks

May 6 · Issue #118 · View online

A weekly geeky squeak.

Hey Gregarious Mammals 👋
Back after holidays, work travel, sickness, and general “bleh”. Life is getting back to pre-2020 normality and it’s taking a little getting used to! 😅
Anyway, as it’s been a while, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s get down to it.
xx Chinch

Podcast version
Chinchilla Squeaks • A podcast on Anchor
Cool Tech!
Digging into one of the biggest downtimes in history, a recommendation for Apple nerds wanting to dig (really) deep, HoloLens isn’t going anywhere fast, RIP macOS Server and more!
Hands on - Private browsing with DuckDuckGo for macOS
What’s in an M1 chip, and what does it do differently?
The Scoop: Inside the Longest Atlassian Outage of All Time
Microsoft's HoloLens still isn't good enough yet for US military testing
Tales of an attempted switch from Google Workspace
RIP macOS Server
Oh hadn’t you heard? Twitter has a potential new owner, but what does his plan to “open source” twitter actually mean?
The problems with Elon Musk’s plan to open-source the Twitter algorithm
Open-source regulation—good idea?
Twitter is protecting its source code from disgruntled employees, reports say
30,000 New Users Signed Up for Mastodon After Elon Musk Bought Twitter
Comprehend Languages: D&D in Translation
And Finally…
Because everyone in the world apparently lives in large homes with loads of spare rooms to dedicate to the “meta verse” don’t you know… What you don’t?
How the pandemic is changing home design
Great to get back to Riga and tech conferences again!
Great to get back to Riga and tech conferences again!
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