Chinchilla Squeaks

By Chris Chinchilla

A weekly geeky squeak.

A weekly geeky squeak.

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Chinchilla Squeaks - Dotan Horovits of, watch your heroes and the life of Clippy

Featuring my interview with Dotan Horowits and much more!


Chinchilla Squeaks - Tiny CSS and Moore's magic Mac

I have been testing an intriguing drink, magic mind, designed to help focus and productivity. So far I've found it helps with me balance out my energy and focus across the day instead of bursts throughout the day. I'll put together a video diary of my experie…


Chinchilla Squeaks - Fermyon, GTA, Tauri, and Veganism

Hey all, greetings from a very hot and stuffy Berlin. Another interview with you this time plus a random grab bag of links to peruse. Stay cool, happy holidays, and see you next week!👋 xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - A bumper bonus buffet

Back again after a lot of events, bouncing around the globe. So in this issue I report back on Open Infra Summit, OSCAL, HashiConf, and Monitorama. I also look at links from the past few weeks that caught my eye.xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Kong, Koyeb, and Kuma

Hey all, more KubeCon kontent for you, this time Vic and Yann from Kong and Koyeb, talking service meshes. Plus a few more details from WWDC and frameworks increase developer adoption.Enjoy! xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Amanda Brock of OpenUK

Hello all! Busy busy here at Chinchilla towers, have a lot of content to produce from KubeCon still, also WWDC updates, and coverage of Open Infra con, but for this issue… I have an interview with Amanda Brock of Open UK, who are trying to connect business an…


Chinchilla Squeaks - Kubernetes powered time travel

This issue I am back from (in-person!) KubeCon. I also look at time travel, erasing yourself from the internet, and how you'd better up your game if you want to read or write poetry, because the robots are coming…xxx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Back to the Baltics with TechChill

This issue I focus on coverage of my recent trip to Riga and the TechChill event.


Chinchilla Squeaks - To open or not to open

Digging into one of the biggest downtimes in history, a recommendation for Apple nerds wanting to dig (really) deep, HoloLens isn't going anywhere fast, RIP macOS Server and more!


Chinchilla Squeaks - Twedit

In this issue I cover the far-reaching nuances of privacy, switching from Google, Twitter breaks itself, and D&D goes beyond! 🎲xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Exodus

Some serious subjects for this issue, from forced human migrations, to what engineers can do about sustainability. Sometimes that's what's needed.xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Internet 3 point uh oh

I'm back after some interview episodes and a writing retreat. In this issue I cover risks to the internet from various sources, technology for cyber defence, and more.


Chinchilla Squeaks - Forging the Meta

This episode I take a look back at old tech concepts made new, Using AI to understand language, the future of Firefox and much more!xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Old man shouts at cloud computing

In this issue I discuss ageing entrepreneurs, staff exoduses, unsung heroes, futuristic interfaces, and as always… more!xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - A virtual problem

M1 Macs require code signing… Which broke some things, especially workarounds for Virtual cameras. I go into more detail on the podcast version of this issue.


Chinchilla Squeaks - Twenty twenty uh huh

Well then it's that time of the year… Time to look back, reflect, and think about next year 🤔.Happy new year! XX Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Abstract time machine

Err… Enjoy yourselves :)


Chinchilla Squeaks - A world of wires

In this issue I look at the (un)intended consequences of tech utopias, why wired is back baby, why (oh why) are 15 minute delivery companies spreading so fast, reflections on Nanowrimo, and much much more.xx Chinch


Chinchilla Squeaks - Getting to the bullet point

Hey all, this issue is mostly an interview with Christopher Willis, CMO of Acrolinx, a company I have wanted to speak with for a long time about their enterprise level content checking and optimisation platform. Apart from that, a couple of other items that t…


Chinchilla Squeaks - Reach out and Touch Bar

It's dar… so dark here in Northern Europe now, but I have setup new lights in my studio to try and pretend it's summer… If summer had a purple sun 🤔.Anyway, I am knee deep in nanowrimo working on my first fiction novel, but still ahem put together a handful o…