Updates for ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org - Issue #2

Updates for ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org




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Updates for ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org
Updates for ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org - Issue #2
Our choir is about beauty, inspiration, hope and healing.

Beauty, Inspiration, Hope and Healing
Hello Everyone! Music is such generous gift to share with one another.
It is my dedication to invite composers, singers, musicians, poets and artists to share their creative spirit with us! 
I just can’t get enough of it in my life...
I am Robin McKee Williams and I direct the Choral Artists of Carmel because of the beauty of music.
I am deeply moved by the inspiration of sound, harmony, poetry, lyrics.
The pandemic has helped me find as many ways as possible to keep music alive and thriving during this difficult time. I dove head first into virtual work this past spring.
Alive and Thriving
Knowing that others might be moved by music keeps me going, keeps me dreaming, keeps me trying to create something lovely that moves each and everyone of us.
I hope you enjoy our next concert February 14 at 3 pm pst on ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.org with the theme “Kindness and Gentleness.” 
Absolutely Stunning Voice
Our featured singer from the Choral Artists of Carmel to premiere our newsletter is Joy Wall from Northern Kentucky University. Here is Joy singing, I mean really singing! 
Joy Wall
Joy Wall
Please click on the FaceBook link and enjoy Joy… What a voice!
Premiere and Live Zoom Gala!
World Premiere
Stay tuned for our Gentleness and Kindness Concert!
Join us February 14 at 3:00 PM PST at ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org
Zoom Gala
Enjoy yourself in person at our Zoom Gala at CAOC.US/Gala, after the concert at around 3:30 PM.
Program, Notes and Lyrics
Please read our Program at CAOC.US/Program
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Updates for ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org

Updates for ChoralArtistsOfCarmel.Org

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