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Never "I'll never forget," always "I'll always remember."

Happy Sunday from San Francisco! Fog is interesting. You'd think that fog would smother, obscure, con
Never "I'll never forget," always "I'll always remember."
By Cherie Hu • Issue #5 • View online
Happy Sunday from San Francisco!
Fog is interesting. You’d think that fog would smother, obscure, confuse, obliterate—but not San Franciscan fog. I actually feel much clearer-minded every time I visit this city, and especially in the morning by the coast, where the fog lies closer to the ground. Perhaps the rolling hills, the abundant flora and the overall chiller, more laid-back vibes (which honestly resonate much more strongly with me than east-coast “culture”) add new layers of vivacity to compensate for this lack of visibility.
In any case, no amount of fog can cover up the hype for tomorrow’s SF MusicTech Summit! I’ll be moderating the panel “Contextual Playlists for Autos,” featuring execs from Ford, Uber, Spotify and Gracenote, as well as giving live feedback to the summit’s Startup Competition winners. I’m so excited to see lots of familiar faces, and to connect in person with lots of familiar names. Just like I did with Sónar+D, I’ll send a fresh newsletter your way with a recap of the summit on Tuesday morning.
A final note about this week’s subject line: it’s a friendly reminder to strive for more positive language in your life. When you say “never,” you disguise your fear under a thin veil of tenacity; in contrast, “always” conveys confidence in a much purer form, inside and out. In a similar vein, “do” > “don’t.” These little changes do add up!

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Take a seat
Travel/conference updates
I’ll be chairing a panel on the future of music-tech alongside Mediachain Labs co-founder Jesse Walden and Spotify “data alchemist” Glenn McDonald at Hacking Arts, an interdisciplinary conference that takes place on November 19 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In addition to a diverse, futuristic panel lineup, there will be an open hackathon running all weekend.
I also have some SXSW-related news coming your way… stay tuned!
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What else have I been up to?
  1. For you radio buffs out there, I’m hosting my own show on WHRB 95.3FM every Thursday evening from 6pm–8pm EST this fall. The show explores pivotal moments and figures in 20th-century Spanish classical music history—an obscure but helplessly romantic subset of music that I’m really excited to share with the world. You can stream the show live from anywhere at
  2. In addition to writing for Forbes, I’m working as a blogger with the Harvard Office for the Arts this year, documenting the arts scene on and around campus. I’m looking forward to writing in-depth profiles and personal essays from a more cultural/artistic perspective, to balance my business journalism side. I included my first post in the “Writing” section above—keep an eye out for more pieces!
  3. Veering away from music and art for a bit, I’m also working on a new piece for the Harvard Political Review about the “cult” of SoulCycle and the cultural/social impact of boutique indoor cycling studios at large. If any of you are a diehard SoulCycle fan, or have a strong opinion about cycling in general, shoot me a message and let’s chat!
Obligatory potato
In honor of Halloween, McDonald’s Japan is now serving “choco-pumpkin fries"—potatoes covered in pumpkin and chocolate sauce. I don’t know about you, but I’m simultaneously salivating and gagging.
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