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FastForward. Rewind. What's next?

Happy March! It's National Women's History Month, National Music in Our Schools Month, National Caffe
FastForward. Rewind. What's next?
By Cherie Hu • Issue #10 • View online
Happy March! It’s National Women’s History Month, National Music in Our Schools Month, National Caffeine Awareness Month and National Sauce Month. Not like we shouldn’t celebrate gender empowerment, arts education, double espressos and generous heaps of BBQ sauce everyday. :)
First things first, Water & Music now has over 300 subscribers! Thank you all so much for joining me on this winding, improvisatory journey of music, media, tech and life. I sound like a broken record at this point, but this is incredibly important to me: please introduce yourself if you haven’t already, simply by replying to this email!
I just wrapped up a successful week in the Netherlands, acting both as a moderator at FastForward and as a voracious consumer of Dutch food, art and culture. In addition to moderating panels on the Future of Radio and the Future of A&R and meeting lots of like-minded music folks, I wandered gapingly through modern art exhibits at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam and at Boijmans in Rotterdam, bar-hopped until sunrise and probably ate my weight’s worth in Dutch-Indonesian snacks. If you’re interested in reading my FastForward takeaways, check out the first link in the “My writing” section below.
Time really does fly: I started writing Water & Music just over a year ago on Tinyletter, and one of my first-ever issues was about the inaugural installment of FastForward. It was during that trip that I began fully embracing my identity as a music writer and forging a more concrete vision of what I wanted my voice to be in the industry, which largely mirrored the community at the conference: young, confident and progressive, yet thoughtful, generous and holistic.
For those who have been following my writing from the start, I hope I’ve been able to unearth at least one new insight for you about the underlying dynamics of music-tech and the unsuspecting connections and convergences between music and adjacent industries—and thanks so much to many of you who provided support, guidance and feedback along the way. For those who just joined, I hope you’re as excited as I am for the investigations in store (my Evernote doc of backburner ideas is fast overflowing). In terms of music content, I’m also hoping to explore more long-form writing, do wider takes on cultural innovation and work on more artist-centric features in addition to business/tech trend outlooks.
As always, on to the next adventure!

My writing
FastForward 2017: Making Sense Of A Data-Driven Music Industry Culture
How Has Streaming Affected our Identities as Music Collectors?
From Austin To Memphis: What It Takes To Build A Music-Tech City
Between The Lines: Unpacking The Spotify-New York Times Partnership
Pussy Riot Grabs Back: The Art of Transatlantic Rebellion
Other updates
  • I’ll be in Austin for SXSW from March 10 to 19, speaking on the panels “Tech Matters: A Blueprint For DIY Musicians” and “The Role of Podcasts in the Music Industry in 2017”. This will be my first time attending the festival, and I’m already feeling overwhelmed but nonetheless excited trying to put together my schedule. Please let me know if you’ll be attending as well—would love to grab coffee or drinks, if I don’t end up running around ballistically.
  • If you’re based in the Boston area, I’ll be performing J.S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor with the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum on March 31 at Sanders Theatre. I don’t talk much about my performance side of music, but this is how I spend at least five hours of my week! Tickets go on sale today at noon EST via the Harvard Box Office.
  • With everything else going on last month, my progress with February Album Writing Month was rather embarrassing. Still, you can listen to the four songs I wrote here if you’re interested, which are mostly jazzy, acoustic piano ballads; any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Good reads
When Trump outperforms Beyonce
The Struggles Of Austin's Music Scene Mirror A Widened World
The Rap Pact: How Jay Z and Hot 97 Combined Forces to Take Over Hip-Hop
What Everyone Is Missing About Media Business Models
Are Online Echo Chambers Making Music Journalism Dumber?
Obligatory potato
The folks at Cards Against Humanity wrote a hilarious post-mortem analyzing their failed [and fake] Super Bowl ad, which consisted only of a 30-second long shot of a scantily clad potato.
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