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Chee Aun
Chee Aun
Hello! Thanks for signing up for this!
These days, some tech folks have been into newsletters all over the place. Hype is real, curiosity is strong and therefore I shall dive in to learn more about this.
Emails have been a funny thing for me. In the beginning, everyone uses emails. I subscribed to a lot of newsletters like LangaList and LockerGnome (Anyone remembers them?). Then maybe it got spammy, so we move to RSS (blogs & social networks?), then for some reason, we’re back 🔙
I’ve subscribed to a few newsletters myself just to get the feel and so far I like cassidoo‘s style the most. This newsletter will follow her style first and slightly remixed with my own unique quirks.
To set reader expectations, I suspect I’ll cover topics that are in my interests: design, dataviz, maps, public transport & stickers.
There are 4 sections:
  • Highlights of the month
  • Interesting discoveries
  • Story time
  • Neat bookmarks

Highlights of the month (Sep)
I used to post about my “highlights” as an experimental summary post to keep track of things I’ve done. It used to be weekly but thanks to the pandemic, I’ve switched to monthly basis due to lack of events and to reduce noise. With this newsletter, I will experiment moving them here.
So here goes.
Interesting discoveries
1) 🚏 Land Transport Authority (Singapore) now has redesigned bus arrivals panel! They call it Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) which I think sounds cooler.
They call it PIDS.
They call it PIDS.
2) 🚆 Super insanely cool life-like animated 3D train model on Mapbox map made by Ricky Reusser! It’s available on Observable with lots of configuration.
Look at that train goes.
Look at that train goes.
3) 🤘 JinGen made a font! And it’s something most Singaporeans would recognise (on trains) 😉Available on GitHub.
Looks familiar.
Looks familiar.
4) 🛣️ Singapore has 3D lane markings. I didn’t know that. And it’s not the first attempt too!
3D lane markings
3D lane markings
5) 🛣️ When it comes to roads, online maps always draw them as lines. But in reality, one road can have multiple lanes. Very complicated lanes, intersections, pedestrian lanes, biking lanes, etc. This article explains a lot: Deep dive into devilish details: Intersection geometry.
Imagine online maps have this level of detail.
Imagine online maps have this level of detail.
Story time
I’ve been using VS Code Live Share these days, for some reason. It’s quite powerful as you can share your workspace to another person over the Internet, and everything works; live cursors, follow another user editing a file, opened tabs sync-ing, find files, search files’ contents, saving files into remote, etc.
And then I found that it could share servers too. Like this:
Sharing localhost:3000
Sharing localhost:3000
Look at that localhost:3000. I share this local server URL, another person remotely can type localhost:3000 in their browser and it load the page from my local server! That’s some ngrok magic going on there! 🤯
Shared terminal is cool too, but it runs inside VS Code. I kinda don’t like fitting the terminal inside an already-cluttered text editor UI. Would be cool if can extract it out into a separate window or Terminal/iTerm instance. 🤔
Neat bookmarks
  • Statically - Useful APIs for serving static files, resize images, convert sites to screenshots and generating avatars.
  • Credit Card Generator - generate CC numbers which is useful for testing. I know Stripe has a list of card numbers for testing too. Maybe this one got a lot more numbers?
  • jLottie - 9KB gzipped smaller version of Lottie Web. Lottie is cool and putting it on the web is even cooler.
  • Transform.tools - An online tool that can transform X to Y (e.g.: Markdown to HTML, SVG to JSX)
  • Journey with Icons Continues - Anthony Fu has been creating a lot of cool stuff. This time it’s icons. Framework-agnostic even.
  • Frontend Horse - It has articles, newsletter, twitch and discord. I personally find the domain funny and the site refreshing.
  • Tiny Helpers - A collection of free single-purpose online tools for web developers.
  • Slowfil.es - Endpoint to simulate slow-loading resources. Useful for testing on front-end.
  • SQLime - online SQLite playground for debugging and sharing SQL snippets.
👋 That’s all folks. Stay safe.
Hyperlinks 👉 website | twitter | github | buymeacoffee
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Chee Aun
Chee Aun @cheeaun

I cover these topics: design, dataviz, maps, public transport & stickers. Frequency: monthly (last day of the month)

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