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By 𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋

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𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
Subtle, provocative, hinting only mildly at what is coming. I’m digging it.
So what IS coming?
That will be revealed over the next few months as the countdown keeps on ticking.
I’m working with a few people behind the scenes to make something memorable. I’ve been staring at this domain for a while, after all.
It should be a grand experience for those interested in the study, practice, and culture of chaos magick without the interference of edgelords and egomaniacs we so routinely see throughout the internet superhighways and byways.
If you’re interested in working on this project, we’re interested in hearing from you!
This will be a huge undertaking as I want chaosmagick.com to be a springboard for those wishing to delve into the mysteries of modern magick. It’s not meant to be a “source of truth,” but a gateway to finding your own way.
Here’s what we’ll be looking for to start with:
  • Content Writers
  • Podcasters / Media Creators
  • Community Representatives / Mods
  • Graphic Designers
If that sounds interesting at all, there’s a sign up form at the bottom of this newsletter.
If you want to get a jumpstart on others, join our chaosmagick.com Discord community. Become one of the first members of the community and have a say in the way things roll out!
Please share the news!
Chaosmagick.com hasn’t had a site on the domain name in years. Once the content and SEO optimization is there, there’s a very good chance that when you search “chaos magick” in any search engine, the site on that domain will show up on top.
This presents a lot of opportunity to those out there who create things in conjunction with their magick practice or simply want to share their thoughts with likeminded individuals.
Sharing, getting people signed up for this newsletter, as we prep for a launch on Halloween 2021 will help tremendously.
So please, share with others who you think may be interested.
Stay tuned for more updates as we have them!

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𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋

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