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₵Ⱨ₳Ø₴₥₳₲ł₵₭.₵Ø₥ - Issue #6

𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
Hello CM fam!
Welcome to another issue of! Sorry for coming in late, but I did a holiday with my kids. Next week I’ll be out of town in Phoenix.
We are busy though!
Site Updates:
I’ve mostly nailed down the design. I’m using the Ghost platform so I can run a subscription service a little smoother. (The subscription itself isn’t necessary to enjoy the site. It’ll just give a little extra to those that support it’s continued existence.)
I’ll be adding content over the next few months with “basic training” type articles focused on CM, resources to more information, and things of that nature. I will also reproduce these in a handy, dandy zine series.
I’m doing my best to keep it low cost, informative, and helpful to the community. It’s meant to be a stepping stone, not a final destination.
Looking for interested volunteers.
Currently, I run this newsletter, a Facespace Page, a Discord, and soon, the website.
To maintain this kind of thing effectively, a bit of help is needed. So, if you’re interested in any of the following volunteer positions, let me know!
  • Discord Mod/Topic Generator: Someone who wants to chat with other magick users and curious people; good sense of humor; even-tempered; willing to run activities such as group magick collaborations online
  • Content Writers: Someone who wants to get their voice out there for the world to read; basic grammar skills a must; willing to take editing advice and direction; NO FLAKES!
  • Facebook Page Mod: Someone who loves a good meme and sharing quotes about magick; someone willing to interact with the users; good sense of humor; even-tempered when dealing with unruly page members
  • Editor/Content Director: Someone who wants to share their love of the CM scene and all that entails; good at making decisions that promote the brand; good at keeping schedules; adaptable and kind to others
These positions are low-speed, meaning you would need to dedicate a few hours a week tops. It wouldn’t be an all-consuming responsibility. Most important thing I’m looking for is people responsible enough to keep a deadline and stick to it.
Drop me a line at if you have any interest. Please share relevant experience or why you want to do it.
Note, it’s on a volunteer status because this is essentially a non-profit effort. The site and anything related isn’t meant to make money, per se. It’s meant to be a good jumping on point into the CM community, figure out what you want to do, be entertained and socialize with like-minded people, and focus on the occulture of it all.
Things we’ll talk about in upcoming issues:
  • TLTM: Psychonaut Blues will release in late Summer 2021. Exclusive art updates to come!
  • A group magick project: Building an Egregore
  • Updates about podcasts/videocasts and more.
  • Growing our community.
Spread the love!
If you know someone who might like to sign up to this newsletter, be sure to share. That one act alone helps spread the word tremendously!
Again, next weeks newsletter won’t happen because I’ll be in Phoenix. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, with video hopefully.
Stay magick, fam!
For those just joining us…
Essential Reading for chaos magicians:
Websites/Products/Services from the CM community:

Broken Pencil – The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts
How to make your home and workspace fuel your creativity – The Creative Independent
OpenAI's Sam Altman: Artificial Intelligence will generate enough wealth to pay each adult $13,500 a year
Aphrodite DC Ritual Oil 20ml | Etsy
GZS Presents Limited Print Edition
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𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋

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