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₵Ⱨ₳Ø₴₥₳₲ł₵₭.₵Ø₥ - Issue #13 "Calling All Chaotes!"

𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
Heyo, CM fam!
It’s been a minute, but it’s worth the wait. There are lots of things going on with as we roll towards the release date.
Let’s get to it!

Update on the site! is evolving into something quite amazing as our team grows.
The almost six decade old occult practice known as chaos magick has evolved and changed over the years, as well. One thing has always held true, however. The diehards remain diehard, and nothing is real, everything is permitted.
There is a vibrant community surrounding CM. Very punk in its essence and attitude from the start. It is the occult practice that has embraced the realities of the present with open arms while other practices hold on desperately to a time long past. is going to be a cultural hub and occult lab, cultivating and helping build up modern CM practitioners and making note of our history.
While every chaote is different, we all share the common creed of exploration, experimentation, and a belief that one is not limited by established rules.
We hope you join us in pursuit of a Communion of the Chaotes!
Welcome to our newest team members!
Introducing our co-founder!
Joel Friedrichs joins us as the responsible parent, business person extraordinaire, designer, writer, and co-founder. Everyone give Joel a huge welcome! He will be tasked with telling me no, and demanding I give him my costs sheet.
He’ll also be developing some pretty sweet projects as part of our Chaos Magick R&D Department!
Welcome to our PsychoKitty Social Super Team!
We also have a new Social Media Siren by the name of Serena Faith, the magickal MILF tarot goddess, who will shower you with memes and doink you with some knowledge.
Another fresh face to the fold is Mandy Hatake, who will be counterpart to our Social Media Siren in keeping the community engaged!
When those two kitty cats get together, you know there’s gonna to be sparks and broken hearts!
We probably need you, too!
We’re absolutely about adding new and interesting folks onto our team. See below for more details and contact us if any of them fit your personality!
Headed into Spooky Season the right way!
With October just around the corner, we’re planning on making launch month a wonder to behold!
Over the course of the month, we’ll be offering chances to win lifetime subscriptions to, free swag, and a lot of other stuff!
We’ll also be prepping for the Halloween Eve Discord Party!
What can you expect?
A day full of fun stuff!
  • Shitposters Anonymous awards show where you have a chance to win the Golden Chaos Potato for best shitposting and memes!
  • A costume contest where the winner is named Champion of CosPlay and wins a lifetime subscription!
  • Live Tarot readings!
  • Panel talks with other chaotes!
  • An interactive showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  • Halloween Movies!
  • Spooky Music!
  • And much more!
Sounds like fun, huh! If you’re stuck inside because of the Rona, join us for a party pajama jam on October 30th!
We're looking for volunteers!
We need you, chaote!
If you’re a magician of any sort, we can probably use your help to make the CM community great through! Our goal is to give a voice to the voiceless and bring magick to the masses!
A dear friend once told me that 100 years from now, we would be the magicians that defined the magick of the 21st century. Our names would be mentioned with the greats because of our unique visions.
Look below to see if there’s a place for you!
Calling all the Chaote Writers!
Do you enjoy writing about chaos magick, strange experiences, rituals, occult fiction, etc.? If so, we’re looking for you! stands to become the #1 place for the CM community at large to come together and celebrate the culture we love. It’ll be the first stop whenever someone is curious and a great place to build community.
With that in mind, it’ll be a perfect place to get your voice heard and establish your bonafides! We’re looking for writers from all backgrounds to come on board and spread the gospel of the Chaote!
Just the FAQs:
  • Do you pay anything? As of right now, no. Outside of that beloved exposure and free gifts we can sometimes send.
  • Do I keep the rights of my work? Yes, absolutely! Your work is your work. You can use it in whatever manner you wish. All we ask is that if we published the piece first, you give us that credit.
  • Do I get a say in what I write? Yes, as long as it fits into what we’re trying to accomplish. We have editors that will review the submissions and let you know.
What is our theme?
We primarily focused our site on the practice and culture of chaos magick. As long as it fits in from that practical or cultural standard, we will consider it for publication.
Please note that sending pages long diatribes will cause an email to hit the trash. (Seriously, publish an e-book or something.) If we want that style of writing, we’ll reach out to you to do a series.
More Info…
  • We accept about 5 - 10 articles per month.
  • 1,500 words or fewer. (Our opinion is that less is more.)
  • We will publish articles via the blog, newsletters, or our digital/print publications.
  • Contributors will receive digital copies of all publications in which their work appears.
  • Contributors will receive full credit for their works.
  • Contributors retain all printing rights for their works. (If you want them removed from the site, simply ask.)
What topics are we looking for?
That runs the gamut, but here are some suggestions:
  • Experiences you’ve had with CM specifically
  • CM experimentation / philosophy
  • CM occulture
  • Occult thoughts / experiences / articles
  • General Occulture
  • CM related Art, Music, or Writing
  • Funny / Relatable tales of daily occult life
  • Useful how-tos that would apply to the vibe and audience we strive to cultivate
For previously published material which you may want to submit, you must own full rights to republish. You’ll also want to include the link to the original source if it still exists.
Format for Queries.
Got an idea, but you’re not sure where it fits in? Pitch it in a query to us!
Subject: Query / [Byline Name]
Body should include:
  • Short intro
  • A short summary of your idea. (SHORT summary means 1 to 2 short paragraphs)
  • What format you want to do the project in
Format for Submissions.
Please ensure all submissions are properly formatted. It makes my life easier and more likely to pay you instead of trashing your email.
Subject: Submission / [Byline Name] / [Article Name]
Body should include:
  • Article Title
  • Byline Name (the name you want attached as writing the article)
  • Number of words (must not exceed 1500)
  • Brief Summary in one sentence.
  • Article Contents
DO NOT ATTACH DOCUMENTS TO THE EMAIL OR PROVIDE LINKS. Entire submission MUST be in the email’s body. If you send something with an attachment, someone will summarily delete it.
Where do I send it?
All submissions should go to
Community Managers
We’re looking for a few good shitposters and engagement specialists! Mememakers and Breathtakers!
That’s right! Do you spend an inordinate amount of time on social media? Do you like posting quippy one-liners and meme all day? Do you have skills on Discord?
We need you!
We’re looking for social media helpers and ModMins for our Discord server! If that’s the thankless job and very mediocre power you desire, please contact Halloween Launch Party Director
Are you interested in event planning? Do you like high-pressure situations where the only thing you get if you pull it off is the adoration of others? Do you have the ballz to direct our Halloween launch party online via Discord?
We really want you to speak to our manager.
Seriously, help us Obi Wan! Contact me:
The Last Word
As we close out this issue, we want to remind you all that while the world can be kind of shitty often, there is always hope for a new day.
Self-care is magick, so make sure you give yourself that.
Tell yourself how much better you’re doing each day.
Follow Nathaniel Verone on Facebook for boofing tips.
Drink water.
Love and light, but on DMT!
Sharing is caring!
You want to help build the hype for us and other creative independents? Share our links and stuff! It only takes a bit of time, so here’s ours…
Chaos Magick Sigil Generator - Magic Square Kamea, Musical, or Word Method Sigils
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𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋

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