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₵Ⱨ₳Ø₴₥₳₲ł₵₭.₵Ø₥ - Issue #11

𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
‘Lo there, CM fam!
Welcome once again to our online newsletter update of stuff! Apologies for the lateness, but it’s been a helluva couple weeks as far as life changes go. Becoming a full-time parent again, avoiding death on the interstate, and I met an absolutely lovely lady. Life is good.
In this issue, I’m going to tell you about who I am (so many people ask, so I might as well tell), we’re doing casting calls for gutter mages who are not suck, putting together zines, and talking about sigils. Let’s do it!

Who is this dork trying to make a thing?
Well, let’s start with the basics.
I’m Joe Forrest. I’m not some well-known magician. Infamous in some circles because you can’t out troll me. I talk shit and I know my shit, but I don’t think I am the shit (unless I am, at which point I’m exceptionally proud of myself. Go me!)
Some people love me, some people hate me, and I’ll be honest, I don’t care what most people think about me.
This isn’t about personal fame or notoriety. This is about a community I hold dear to my heart. That would be all you assholes who make up the CM culture. (I love you all, even Johnny Dickrod.)
This is me. Good lighting, bad hair day.
This is me. Good lighting, bad hair day.
My personal thoughts on bringing back this site from the dustbin of internet history is to provide a place where beginners and old hats alike can come together.
Again, it’s not about fame, or money, or prestige. In fact, I’m going to keep my name out of it other than the stuff I make personally. I want it to be about this fucked up, but awesome, community.
I want people to go out and experience the strangeness and beauty of a world full of magick and possibility. I don’t want them to feel lost. I want them to know there are people out there that can and will help them on their path.
I also want to log the culture of the CM community at this time in history. Archive their words and make it so, as a friend once told me, they will remember this community because we will be the magicians they talk about 100 years from now.
I hope you join me for the ride. I encourage participation. Which leads to our next topic…
Calling all gutter mages of ill repute!
We’re looking for a few good (or mediocre, even fair to middlin’) chaotes out there that like to speak their mind about chaos magick from the perspective of their personal practices.
If this interest your loverly hearts, totally send us an email at, because we’re looking for outspoken, groundbreaking thought and experimentation with CM.
Here’s a list of what you should know:
  • Articles will be posted on the blog and possibly printed in one of our publications.
  • Writers will receive digital copies of all publications in which their work appears.
  • Writers will receive full credit for their works.
  • You agree to an Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) creative commons license for your work. (This does NOT apply to previously published work submitted for syndication on the site.)
That runs the gamut, but I particularly like:
  • Experiences you’ve had with CM specifically
  • CM experimentation / philosophy
  • CM occulture
  • Occult thoughts / experiences / articles
  • General Occulture
  • Funny / Relatable tales of daily occult life
  • Useful how-tos that would apply to the vibe and audience we strive for.
For previously published material which you may want to submit, you must own full rights to republish. You’ll also want to include the link to the original source if it still exists.
Got an idea but you’re not sure where it fits in? Pitch it in a query to us!
Subject: Query / [Byline Name]
Body should include:
  • Short intro
  • A brief summary of your idea. (Summary means 1 to 2 brief paragraphs)
  • What format you want to do the project in
Please ensure all submissions are properly formatted. It makes my life easier and more likely to pay you instead of trashing your email.
Subject: Submission / [Byline Name] / [Article Name]
Body should include:
  • Article Title
  • Byline Name (the name you want attached as writing the article)
  • Number of words (must not exceed 500)
  • Summary in one sentence.
  • Article Contents
DO NOT ATTACH DOCUMENTS TO THE EMAIL OR PROVIDE LINKS. Entire submission MUST be in the email’s body. If you send something with an attachment, we will summarily delete it.
All submissions should go to
(Also, it’s totally cool if you mention and link your own stuff. It’s about the community and culture, yo!)
Making zines for fun and profit, as one does.
The free press.
Nothing stirs feelings of rebellion and freedom more than the free press. Well, zines are the ultimate expression of this freedom.
Unshackled by censors, it is pure thought put to creative ends. It expresses the self, and it’s a catalog of culture at its given time.
And you can also make the occasional extra bit of dough if you make ‘em more better.
I use a variety of tools to make the zines, comics, and other publications that get put out occasionally.
I do all the zines in Canva.
(It has a free version that’s not bad.) It has an ebook format you can use that is pretty universal. You get more options with a paid plan. It’s worth it if you plan on doing a lot of these.
You can automatically export the finished product to a well laid out PDF format, no matter your plan. (Unless it has licensed images. You have to pay for them.)
Other tools I use…
Some of the art is done by others using whatever they use, and some is done by myself on an XP-Pen Artist Pro 12 digital pad.
Sell it digitally on your online store like we do, or print it for physical sales. For physical printing, I use Mixam. I’m planning on going old school and getting a home printer soon.
Above all else, make some art! Keep that press free!
Sigils: basic spellwork that works.
I find sigils to be one of the most pleasing bits of spell work I do regularly.
They’re easy to create, they seem to work for me most of the time, and it’s honestly a basic tool any chaote should experiment with.
But how do you make them? Do you need other people to charge them? Is masturbation necessary?
How to make a sigil.
This one will blow your mind… however you want to by doing whatever feels right. I know, right? Boom.
There are many methods, dating back centuries, but Austin Osman Spare is widely regarded as one of the major modern occult practitioners that really brought the method into today’s world. Many occultists has developed many methods over the years.
Broken down, I do it like this:
  • Write your intent in a phrase. (I stick with simple sentences.)
  • Now, cross out any repeating letter.
  • Optional, also cross out any vowels.
  • Take what’s left and combine them in a way that “feels” magical.
  • Focus intently on your creation, achieving gnosis to imbue it with energy.
That last part gets many people.
There are many definitions of gnosis and what that means. Some think you can only achieve it at the ultimate point of climax sexually (hence, all the talk and the running joke of masturbation in CM circles.)
Others believe we can only achieve it through mastering things like mediation.
I’ve never had to do any of that. I just make the squiggles and focus on them. Then, I may burn the paper I did the drawing on or fold it and put it somewhere I can forget it.
The Last Word...
I usually try to give shout outs in this section to individuals who make awesome CM related art or offer their services to the community.
This time, I just want to give a shout out to all of you. From the genuinely curious to the trolls to the teachers to the gurus, and especially to all those who quietly conduct their business and form the backbone of the community.
To all the fembois, the queers, the cishets, the trans peeps, the weirdos, and the in-betweeners, I love you all and you make this journey great.
Nazis, bigots, and haters can go fuck themselves, tho. Just sayin’.
Thanks to you, CM fam, for being who you are and making this whole thing worth doing… yes, even if you hate it.
Until next time!
For those just joining us…
Essential Reading for chaos magicians:
Recommended Websites/Products/Services/Groups from the CM community: Official Store
Unofficial True Mage Soundtrack
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𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋

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