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₵Ⱨ₳Ø₴₥₳₲ł₵₭.₵Ø₥ Insider - Issue #14

𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
We are gearing up for Spooky Season!
Halloween, with its diverse background of beliefs concerning the time and placement of the season, makes it my favorite time of year. So much fun to have! So many tricks! So many treats!
In this issue, I’ll dive into getting the site ready for launch, updates on the podcast, and things to come from!

Join our Chaos Magick Discord Cult!
We’ve got a two new Arbiters of Meaty Justice (aka SuperAdmin) Roxi Phoenix and Worried Brat. We also have some new members on the True Mod Squad Sidekick team, Qyr and Cision.
They’ll all be messing with your brainwaves on the server. We’ll also be welcoming more new mods and streamers soon.
Some channels you may note and get into there include:
The Halloween Launch Party stage is our official channel for the main site launch party on Halloween Eve.
Foxy Roxi and the Tarot Twins is the stage for any of our online tarot readers that want to do a quick online sesh to boost their street cred.
If you DJ, do podcast drama, write spoken word, or just wanna bitch to the world, request some time in the Spooky Kid Theatre stage and do ya thang!
You can also go to the #yell-at-verone channel and vent on him. Or jump into #gen-pop with all the felons of modern magick! Or get your serious magick words flowing over at #chaos-magick-talk.
It’s gonna be a fun time! You know you wanna join!
Join the CHAOSMAGICK.COM Discord Server!
Making the secret sauce...
Launching a website isn’t easy.
It takes a team to do it right. It required everyone from comic book characters to business minded partners to social media mavens to build the hype to launch the mother ship.
Of course, for me, it always starts in the most impetuous ways. I saw the domain was available at a premium price (which was rather good, to be absolutely honest) and I placed a bid.
Then, I won it.
Then I went, “Oh shit, now this is an investment…”
Yeah, it was a little money to invest, but I now needed to consider the time investment into building a thing. On top of normal life, with its curves and spills, I would now have this, too.
I wanted to do something that would represent our community. I want an open community where people can gather, chat, share a bit of themselves with others, schedule meetups, and live life as a collective. We’ll become ever more powerful magicians together through cooperation. Yes, and we’ll still shitpost.
Of course, the false gurus hate this kind of thing, because they know their “product” will become redundant with a truly open community sharing their knowledge, but I digress…
The point is to shine a light on this community, which has been shunned by “mainstream” occultism because, well, we’re all a bunch of punks. We don’t take their shit, we don’t appreciate their fucked up dogmas, and we don’t like the cut of their jib.
The team necessary for such an undertaking can’t be ignored. I attempted it, virtually alone when doing my first project, GZS. And I didn’t do enough long-term planning. (A great launch is nothing without great follow-up.)
This time, I’ve built a solid core of powerful and experienced chaotes, with keen minds for the ways of the mundane world and the other realms. They are some of the best, and they are hungry to prove it.
I’ve established the core of our unity at four, a number representative of so many things and significant for its impact on the psyche. Volunteer Search
Here are our volunteer staff openings we could use help with filling:
Writers - We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent that wants to write about their occult experiences, share their knowledge, or their opinion. We provide a platform you’ll be able to grow with, get fans and readers, and bring them to your own platform! Here’s the submission for writers:
Streamers - We need streamers of all types for our Discord! Have you ever wanted to do live, radio-style shows? Do you like doing live Tarot readings? Do you have a podcast or music you’d like to share with our audience? Please feel free to come share with us!
Discord Mods/Influencer - Do you like to keep the convo going? Are you a social media butterfly who likes a bit of attention? Come mod for us on our Discord! Keep the conversation lively, the people engaged, and maintaining a welcoming environment.
These volunteer positions come with several various perks. You also get to be a voice that shapes the message of chaos magick in the 21st century. If you’re interested, just hit up our CEO/Creative Development, Joe:, or jump on Discord and send Verone a DM.
Join the CHAOSMAGICK.COM Discord Server!
The Podcast...
So, there’s going to be a podcast.
We’re going to interview people like Tommie Kelly and Julian Vayne in our first episode, and that’s the vibe we’re going for, hearing the words of practicing magicians of the past, present, and future.
However, we can’t call it the podcast. It needs a proper name. So, we wanted to give all of you an opportunity to name it.
First, no, we’re not calling it anything like “ASS DESTROYER MEGATRON MAGICKS 3000” or anything like that (however, I will call my OF account that if you’d like.)
We’re looking for something equally funny and scandalous, but also edgy and can be made into shiny logos… with ker-splosions!
So, jump onto our Discord or comment on this newsletter your name suggestions. We’ll parse through it, select some of our favorites, and the winner will eventually get to name the Podcast and we’ll give them a surprise reward for being good at naming things.
Also, maybe you’d like to be on the podcast to talk about your occult experiences? Just reach out to with your ideas!
The Last Word.
I think it’s safe to say that the team behind would really love to shine a light on the creative mad geniuses we interact with on the daily.
We would love people to buy their books and art and services.
If that’s all we ever do, we’ll have done our job IMHO.
Because we have dope friends who do dope things.
Until next time, peace and chicken grease.
Join the CHAOSMAGICK.COM Discord Server!
Chaos Memes -
Tales From When I Had A Face by Jamie (James) Curcio — Kickstarter
Chaotopia | Dave Lee's Magic Website
Chaos Magick Sigil Generator - Magic Square Kamea, Musical, or Word Method Sigils
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𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋
𝐭н𝑒 𝐨CĆ𝕌Ⓛᵗυŕί𝕊𝕋

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