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I'm keeping this week short, and attempt to be a little thematic. We're definitely well into the phas


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A periodic look into research threads on critical futures, strategy, post-normal innovation, providing a look over the shoulder of the team at Changeist. Each issue includes brief analysis, links, updates, and occasional auditory hallucinations.

I’m keeping this week short, and attempt to be a little thematic. We’re definitely well into the phase shift toward the (partial, not full) automation of supply chains and means of mobility. Here in the Netherlands, WEPods, autonomous microbuses, will take to the streets this month in a pilot that will eventually take public passengers from Ede-Wageningen to the nearby university campus. It’s not terribly far away, so I plan to slip onboard when possible for a test run. 
In the meantime, more is being written about the build-up phase to (partial, not full) autonomous mobility, documenting the simple things machine intelligence isn’t quite getting right, as well as the cultural frictions engineers and developers are having to solve for. On the last point, I mentioned At FutureEverything Singapore the recent case of the Google vehicle vs the fixie-riding cyclist, and two weeks ago I linked to the experiments Google attempted with kids in Halloween gear. Below, we have more on how the company is patenting new approaches to machines-signalling-humans problems. This is only the first of many socio-cultural frictions (thingclashes, even) that will be highlighted by the ongoing saga of autonomous-mobility-versus-bipeds.

What We've Been Up To
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Alternative Unknowns
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The Network
Our extended network has been quiet this past week, so I’ll use this space to plug a couple of our own upcoming activities:
Upcoming Workshop at Thingscon NL — Thingclash
Lastly, if you’re in New York City on 17-18 December and are interested in a one-day Masterclass in Applied Futures, drop me an email and I can send you more information. While these are normally done for single organizations, we’ve had a late request to offer one for individuals or teams from different organizations. Location TBA. 
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