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By Chak Shun Yu

A newsletter helping you become a better React developer by focusing on the less commonly discussed topics, like testing and readability. Almost every weekend straight into your mailbox.

A newsletter helping you become a better React developer by focusing on the less commonly discussed topics, like testing and readability. Almost every weekend straight into your mailbox.

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A Practical Overview of Things Your Team Should Consider Before Adopting Storybook

Heyhoi everyone,In this edition of Uncommon React, we're looking into a topic that has played a significant role in my journey as a frontend developer. Before I started working, I shortly contributed to and helped maintain the open-source project Storybook. I…


Should You Use A ClassName Prop?

Heyhoi everyone,As some of you probably know, one of my favourite topics in React development is the API design of components. It's a topic that constantly evolves and changes in the community, which makes it extremely interesting to observe and analyse.Part …


Ladle vs. Storybook: Measuring performance across project sizes

Heyhoi everyone,It's been a while since the last edition of Uncommon React. In the past weeks, I've unfortunately been having a very difficult time coming up with interesting ideas to write about due to various reasons. I'm still trying to sort out some stuff…


5 Important Things To Check When Picking NPM React Libraries

Heyhoi everyone,In last's edition, we dove into a particular topic by comparing 3 different accordion NPM libraries. This was based on a task I had to do for my job and I thought the analysis would be interesting for all of you too.However, it was quite a spe…


Comparing 3 React Accordion Libraries

Heyhoi, everyone!Lately have been a bit busy, with the highlights being going to the JS Nation and React Summit conferences in Amsterdam. Especially the React conference was super interesting, hearing talk from some of the biggest names in the field. I was ac…


7 TypeScript Utility Types For React Developers

Heyhoi, everyone!Welcome back to the first edition of Uncommon React in June. Recently, I've moved to a different team and it has been a new experience. A new team, a new environment, and a new code base to work with.The React code is entirely different from …


How To Type React UseCallback Using TypeScript

Heyhoi, everyone!For the last edition of May, we'll be once again looking at a short TypeScript tip. Last week we looked into one of the most used functions, the Array filter function, and how to integrate TypeScript properly with it.This week, we're going do…


How To Filter Nullable Values From An Array Using TypeScript

Heyhoi, everyone!Glad to have you back for the second edition of Uncommon React in May. Summer is coming closer with every week and it's definitely noticeable here. Temperatures are rising towards quite a peak. If things are similar for you, enjoy and good lu…


8 common React error messages and how to address them

Heyhoi, everyone!For the month of May, there isn't a very specific topic in mind for Uncommon React. Mostly, the articles will be focused on development and maintenance. Without spoiling too much, it will also involve some TypeScript related articles.For this…


5 CSS Concepts React Developers Should Know

Heyhoi, everyone!With April coming to an end, so is our series of articles about CSS. Although it is generally a very interesting topic, not a lot of people are necessarily a fan of it. Even so, it's an important aspect of our daily job as frontend or React d…


How To Create More Intuitive Styling Using CSS border-box Box Model

Heyhoi, everyone!In last week's edition, we looked into multiline text truncation at how to solve it using CSS's line-clamp rule. It truly made things a lot easier, performant, and intuitive.Talking about intuitive, one of the most fundamental aspects to CSS …


Multiline Text Truncation With CSS line-clamp

Heyhoi, everyone!With the start of April, we're kicking off a new month. This time, the theme of the month is everyone's most hated or most loved topic: CSS. Styling is an essential part of our jobs as frontend developers, no matter whether you're using React…


How Does Shallow Comparison Work In React?

Heyhoi, everyone!Since the previous edition of Uncommon React, March has been extremely sunny and warm where I live. Spring has begun its effect in full force and hopefully, all of you can enjoy it. 🌸This month of Uncommon React has been themed towards intern…


Why Did And Don’t You Need To Import React

Heyhoi, lovely people!Last week, we looked at a curious question of whether there is a difference between the useMemo and useCallback hooks. In the end, the conclusion was that they're two different hooks on top of the same implementation. The main reason for…


A Deep Dive Comparison Between useMemo And useCallback

Heyhoi, lovely people!Another week means another edition of Uncommon React. Last month, we explored parts of the React 18 release. It was very fun and some of the topics we covered are Suspense, concurrent rendering, and several new APIs. If you've missed the…


A Fundamental Guide To React Suspense

Heyhoi, awesome people!During the month of February, we explored different parts of the ever so exciting React 18. The previous editions covered several new APIs and the notable concurrent rendering feature. To close out this month, we'll be looking into a fe…


An Introductory Guide To Concurrent Rendering

Heyhoi, lovely people!This month we started our exploration of the extremely exciting React 18. The last edition was about several newly introduced APIs, namely useSyncExternalStore, useId, and useInsertionEffect. In some way or another, all of them enable us…


Exploring React 18’s three new APIs

It's crazy how January is already behind us and we're already into the second month of 2022. Hopefully, you're still going strong with your new year's resolutions, and otherwise this is a small reminder for them. 😉If January is the month to get started, then …


5 Reasons React Is Still Worth It To Pick Up In 2022

I've personally also faced this question and it honestly took me quite some time before I decided to pick it up. Although in hindsight it was a very good decision, it's still a difficult one. Especially if you're not already in the field, it's hard to have an…


What You Should Definitely Look Out For In React In 2022

Welcome back again to another edition of Uncommon React! This edition is a bit later than normal as I was moving to a new place in the past week. This made stuff a bit hard on my schedule, but everything should be good now. Thanks for the wait. 🙇🏻‍♂️Last week…