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Quick Hits:
  1. Will Gen Z make crypto mainstream?
  2. Ripple CEO criticizes Uniswap - “It’s not DeFi”
  3. Crypto billionaire Michael Saylor interview (video)

Latest News
SEC Leaves Cryptocurrency Out of its Agenda
Blockchain, Data, and Tokens: The Building Blocks of the Ownership Economy
Cryptocurrency News
Teen crypto influencer started investing pocket money into Bitcoin says Gen Z could make crypto mainstream
DeFi News
Uniswap Is Not DeFi, It’s Not Decentralized - Ripple CTO
NFT News
How the NFT market leveraged blockchain tech for explosive growth
Deep Dive
Cardano: DeFi’s Dark Horse or Dead Duck?
You Have A Salary ? You Must Watch This Video - Michael Saylor Interview
You Have A Salary ? You Must Watch This Video - Michael Saylor Interview
Top Tweets
Pomp 🌪
Technologists invented the solution to wealth inequality, yet some of you are listening to the elites as they tell you it is bad for you. #Bitcoin
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