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⚡️🚀 ‘Finance is all about data; from analytics for risk management or regulatory reporting, to customer analytics.’

May 8 · Issue #14 · View online
Arturo Pallardó
Arturo here, taking another crack at our newsletter. I’m also happy to announce that more great interviewees are coming in the following weeks (Criteo’s CFO; Costa Coffee’s Global Financial Controller; Life.SREDA’s Partner; and more).
Here are some of this week’s interesting pieces. Enjoy :)
🚀 INSIGHTFUL. “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”. The Economist argues that internet companies’ control of data gives them such power that it requires a new approach towards competition different than the ones devised at the era of oil. 

🤖 The pace of advancement in analytics and computational capacity over the past decade has begun to offer the opportunity for executives to approach strategic decisions in new ways. This GTNews’ article looks at both the potential risks and benefits of robotics and asks what the implications are for corporate treasury departments. GREAT READ.

👾 How to Tell Good Buybacks from Bad Ones? Buyback ROI is defined as a company’s annualised rate of return based on the cash spent on buybacks, the money saved by “avoiding dividends” on the repurchased shares, and the change in the stock price since the buyback.

💡 GOING PUBLIC. “I wish every finance professional had the opportunity to work on an IPO. It’s a professional crescendo to see how the markets work from the inside”. Univar CFO Carl Lukach explains how he prepared to take his company public.

⚡️ Some Digital Companies Should Delay Profitability for as Long as They Can. As long as there are strong increasing returns to create, it’s possible that the net present value from profit harvesting is indefinitely larger if deferred to the future. “For leaders that truly understand the implications of increasing returns, a natural deprioritization of profit harvesting should emerge”.

⚙️ Treasury management solutions can play a key role in helping treasurers understand their risks and manage everything from interest rate hedging to liquidity risk. Functionalities such as business continuity and the ability to enforce segregation of duties can enable businesses to mitigate their operational risks.

💸 STOP FOCUSING ON PROFITABILITY AND GO FOR GROWTH. The global financial crisis prompted many companies to pull in their horns, hoard cash, trim costs, and take a wary view of large investments. Yet the same crisis ushered in a new age of capital superabundance. Bain & Company’s Macro Trends Group carefully analysed the global balance sheet and found that the world is awash in money.
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Curated by Arturo Pallardó and the CFO Brain team at Kantox.

Have a super week!
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