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Cojoin 8.0 – CertifyMe and Coursera

Cojoin 8.0 – CertifyMe and Coursera
By Harvey from CertifyMe • Issue #6 • View online
CertifyMe is pleased to announce that this time it is Coursera that is joining our growing list of partner platforms!

What is Cojoin 8.0?
Cojoin 8.0 = CertifyMe + Coursera
What is Coursera?
Coursera is an online learning platform that offers multiple online courses, certificates, and degrees provided by world-famous universities and companies. Some of their collaborations include Stanford University, Imperial College of London, Google, IBM. Coursera offers many different types of curriculums and subjects to choose from so that you can kick-start your journey to upgrade your education and career opportunities. 
Coursera Courses
Their subjects include:
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