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Centaku Media | Monthly Newsletter - Issue #1

Centaku Media | Monthly Newsletter - Issue #1
By Sanjo-chan • Issue #1 • View online

New Newsletter, Who Dis?
You are reading the first issue of the Centaku Media newsletter!
There has been a lot happening over the years: from our beginnings in 2007 as “CEN.TAKU.ME”; and a slight name change in 2015 as Centaku Media. 2022 marks the 15th year of operations, and what better way to get with the times is to have a proper annual newsletter?
I originally planned to have the blog take care of the newsletter portion of operations. All you had to do was follow the blog using your WordPress account. Or use your email address for a digest of recently published articles on the blog itself. However, times are changing for everyone involved–including for our readers.
With access to several different social networks, it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything going on in the world. So why not bring everything that matters to an inbox? Besides the blog, we plan on bringing you content updates from all across our main areas of social media: Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and our podcast!
With the addition of this newsletter, you have one or two options of the following:
1) You can subscribe to the WordPress blog for individual blog updates
2) You can subscribe to get a compilation of updates through these newsletters via Revue (you are here!)
If you previously signed up for updates through FeedBurner (or what’s left of it) on the original CEN.TAKU.ME blog, then it’s time to catch up on old times! If you haven’t followed the updated blog yet, you can head over to and follow the blog with a WordPress account or add your email to the blog update list there. You will have access to both contents.
You may wish to unsubscribe if you would like to declutter your inbox (and apologies for disturbing you!). However, you could be missing out on being the first to read a newly published article!
Let’s continue with the newsletter to see what’s happening in the Centaku Media community!
Centaku Media on Discord
You’re invited to the official Centaku Media server on Discord! It’s a server a few years in the making, but now is the time to spread awareness to share your interests with other like-minded geek aficionados!
In February, we have added several new channels. Here is a handy guide to see what channels we offer on the server, along with each description:
We plan on adding more channels as the server grows. There may even be some server exclusive events in the future… 🤔
Join the Centaku Media Discord Server!
Twitch Affiliate!
After nearly two years, the Centaku Media channel on Twitch finally has affiliate status as of February 3rd, 2022! Thank you all so much to those who have watched and supported the streams up to this point. We’re not done! There’s still a lot of work to do as an affiliate, and maybe just one day we might hit Twitch Partner?
Tip: Have Amazon Prime? Link it with your Twitch account use your membership to subscribe to this channel for free as one of many ways to support this channel! ;)
March 2022 Twitch Schedule
Speaking of Twitch, we have a schedule for those who would like to tune in for some gaming fun. We update our schedule every month, although we take the last week of the month off to focus on quality content in other areas of Centaku Media. However, March is looking to give us an extra week of gaming!
The goal of the Twitch channel is to share our gaming backlog with the Centaku Media community, as well as indulge in other gaming activities to relieve stress and share the fun.
Our currently featured game under the Centaku Media Plays label is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch! As of writing, we have cleared 13 parts of the game, and there is so much more to cover. We hope you can join us Thursdays and Friday nights at 9 PM for our adventures in Hyrule with Link.
Check out the schedule below for additional stream days and information:
Centaku Media Journal Returns for Season 3
In case you missed it: We launched a podcast in 2020 (after a failed attempt in 2010) Our flagship show, Centaku Media Journal, covers the latest news and events in the world of anime, gaming, and others in between. The Journal has returned with Season 3, launched in February with the season premiere being a “Best Of 2021” kind of episode, highlighting interesting and shocking stories we missed during our break.
The Anime Studio Formerly Known as Sunrise, Chrono Cross and Live-A-Live Get Remasters (+ more) [Centaku Media Journal: Episode 26]
And lastly, we kicked off our podcasting year with a “State of the Centaku” episode where we talk about our accomplishments in 2021, and what to expect in 2022 for Centaku Media as a whole.
You can listen to these episodes on Spotify by clicking on the links above. You can also listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Podcasts, and wherever podcasts are published!
(P.S.: If there is one we’re not on, please let us know!)
Add an Audio Reactive Spectralizer in OBS
To wrap up our first newsletter, Nakaichi, our upcoming VTuber representing Centaku Media, filmed a tutorial for those who use OBS and want to spice up their stream or video project utilizing the Spectralizer plugin for OBS Studio.
Be sure to give it a Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more tutorials from Nakaichi like this in the future! ^_^
Until Next Time!
That wraps up our first newsletter for Centaku Media. We hope you enjoyed this issues. The next one will be due at the beginning of April. Until then, you can follow us on our socials to see what’s happening in the Centaku Nation!
Until next time, so long!
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