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C.B. Powell updates - Issue #1: And so it begins...

C.B. Powell updates - Issue #1: And so it begins...
By C.B. Powell updates • Issue #1 • View online
Hello, and thank you to everyone who has subscribed already (let’s be honest here – thanks, Mum!)
A mini-bio:
I’ve worked for several years as a chef and now, thanks in part to the pandemic freeing up my schedule, I’m pursuing my creative goals. To date I have performed over 200 shows as a musician, won awards for my cooking and, most recently, written a handful of books, one of which was released under a joint pen name.

Currently I have three projects in the works and a series of shorts. For your ease I’ll list them all here. Alternatively you can check them all out on the Projects page of my website.
The Heritage Saga
An epic fantasy trilogy, based in a fictional land and chronicling the rise and fall of darkness as seen by those in the eye of the storm.
To date…
The first book, The Fomorian King, is now complete and ready for the professional editors and artists to refine and perfect the work. The second book, whose title is in the ‘TBA’ stage, is now in my personal editing stages (more info here) and will soon be as ready as the first.
I’m particularly excited to see the reactions people have to my world, which I crafted from various sources including Celtic mythology and British folklore. The map for this world has been drawn up in its finality by me and is available for all to see, along with a more detailed description of the series, here.
What if everyone knew when they would die… everyone, that is, apart from you? For Samael, that is his reality.
To date…
This novella is one I’ve been mulling over in my head for a while now and, after many months of mental gymnastics, I’ve finally put it to paper – or keyboard, rather. It has now exited stage 1 of my editing process and I’m taking a short break so I can attack it with fresh eyes soon. More information on this project can be found here.
Untitled graphic novel series.
What if the powers which saved your world were the very ones destroying it? Ethical questions, moral dilemmas and mental health are all explored in this homage to the superhero genre.
This is going to be a long-term project as it is a collaboration with two other writers, one of whom has also volunteered to be the artist (brave, I know). Nonetheless, the script for the first book has been written and edited, but we are working on the next few parts in order to establish everything we want early on. Provided the others are happy, I will post some artwork for this online in the near future.
A side project of this is a series of shorts focusing on one recurring character, each story in a different genre and setting. A bit of fun, but something we are, again, very excited to see.
Finally I’ll put a quick mention to my shorts. And no, not the clothing –we’ve barely escaped winter, I’m not insane!
I’ve recently uploaded a short of mine entitled The Experiment and it now sits proudly as the first published work on my website. It’s a short read (hence, short) and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
That’s it from me, expect another newsletter in the future when I have news. My blog will be updated frequently and if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss – in particularly those around writing, music and creativity – then don’t hesitate to reach out. All contact information including my email address and social media links can be found on my contact page.
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C.B. Powell updates

C.B. Powell updates

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