The Powers That Be

By Corbin Hicks

"The Power Elite" meets "Rules for Radicals"

"The Power Elite" meets "Rules for Radicals"

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Hey {{first_name}},I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I admire how quickly information spreads, but I also dislike how it has become weaponized and divisive in some instances. The applications at the center of most social media debates are Twi…


Morality Play

Hey {{first_name}},This country's great wealth and prosperity are built upon the foundation of capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system that allows businesses to compete against one another in a free market system and allows the winners of these competiti…


Company Men Volume 3

Hey {{first_name}},Football season is back, so it's time for another installment of Company Men. I forgot to write this newsletter until new Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett did the absolute worst job I've ever seen of late-game management. In this…



Hey {{first_name}},There are so many mundane systems and processes in place in our society that only exist because that's the way they've always been. Some are because of people being too stubborn to change, inefficiencies in the product or service, or deceiv…


Back In Session

{{first_name}}, I'm back!Now that September is upon us, I've returned from my August recess. So much has happened since then, unlike with Congress, that I feel the need to cover a few topics in today's newsletter. I'll get back to regularly scheduled programm…


The August Recess

Hey {{first_name}},As far back as 1859, Congress has struggled to deal with the summer heat. After it became apparent that being a Congressional figure was a year-long occupation, numerous methods were tried to handle being indoors during the warm summer mon…


Toilet Observations

{{first_name}}, my body hates me.Ever since I lost a bet and had to eat ten ghost pepper-flavored chicken wings, I've had all sorts of digestive issues. Thanks, Rahn. I've seen an increase in my acid reflux and I usually try to avoid beer and spicy foods so a…


Get Money

Hey {{first_name}},A few months ago I wrote an update on how soccer team FC Barcelona is handling its debt crisis while trying to remain competitive. When they reached a landmark sponsorship deal with Spotify, they also promised further efforts of fundraising…


July Useless Observations

Hey {{first_name}},August is here! Besides my upcoming bachelor party, what I'm most excited about this month is every day having a forecast of 90 degrees with scattered thunderstorms. It makes me feel like I moved to Florida somehow, and everyone loves livin…


Legalize It

{{first_name}}, all I ask for is consistency.I've spoken before about Brittney Griner's current detainment in Russia. Well, it seems that her days of being wrongfully detained are nearing their conclusion as the governments of the United States and Russia are…



Hey {{first_name}},I've been very pessimistic about the current state of R&B music. Mainstream artists are creating one-dimensional music that's a Flanderization of the genre, and hidden gems still exist but are much harder to find. And the less said abou…


Constitution 2.0

Hey {{first_name}},There have been 27 amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America since it was ratified in March 1789. Almost one-third of them, the first ten, were added two years later in December 1791. The first ten amendments were known…


Going Back To Cali

Hey {{first_name}},This week is baseball's All-Star break and we will be treated to the Home Run Derby tonight followed by the actual All-Star game tomorrow. The events will be held at the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium in California. I'm glad they got rid of th…


Colorado Excluded

{{first_name}}, how long does it take you to spend $1,400?It's no secret that companies all over the United States are having hiring issues. The Great Resignation has coincided with the inability to backfill these open positions and has market analysts and re…


Sierra Mist

{{first_name}}, have you heard of Sierra Mist?Sierra Mist is a lemon-lime soda made by Pepsi that was intended to compete with Sprite and 7 Up. It's gone through various iterations and formulas over the past three decades and even a dreaded rebrand - I don't …


June Useless Observations

Hey {{first_name}},We've made it to July somehow. This year has been flying by, so there are only three more months until my wedding. This also means that we've reached another edition of Useless Observations. The previous installment can be found here. I ho…


Judicial Branch

Hey {{first_name}},When I was in school and learned about civics, social studies, history, and government, I was always taught that there are checks and balances in place to keep one branch of government from getting too powerful. The executive branch was lim…


Juneteenth Jerry

{{first_name}}, Happy Juneteenth!When I sat in my living room yesterday wondering why I had yet to see the trash truck, the recycling truck, or the mail truck, it finally hit me. Monday is a national holiday now! Beginning last year, the official last day of …


T.G.I.F. Part Two

Hey {{first_name}},This will be a brief newsletter but I wanted to follow up with everyone after the survey last week. To hopefully no one's surprise, there are no sitcom recommendations that people are watching these days. The only recommendations I received…


LiMu Emu and Doug

Hey {{first_name}},Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, it's safe to assume that everyone reading this newsletter is familiar with the current Liberty Mutual ad campaign. The ad campaign in question centers around an emu and a guy w…