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The August Recess

The August Recess
By Corbin Hicks • Issue #247 • View online
Hey {{first_name}},
As far back as 1859, Congress has struggled to deal with the summer heat. After it became apparent that being a Congressional figure was a year-long occupation, numerous methods were tried to handle being indoors during the warm summer months. Eventually, they realized this was futile and decided to simply adjourn for the summer. This became known as the August Recess, and Congress still maintains this tradition today.
Since Congress isn’t in session and has decided not to work during the entire month of August, I’ve decided to put this newsletter on hold. Why should I continue to put out new content if Congress can’t even be bothered to address all of the glaring issues they have on their docket? Congress and I will both resume after the Labor Day holiday weekend when it’s appropriate to resume regular working hours.
Until then, P.O.P. hold it down.
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Xuitcasecity (Gomey & CXM) - Misunderstood (Official Video)
Xuitcasecity (Gomey & CXM) - Misunderstood (Official Video)
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