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Juneteenth Jerry

Juneteenth Jerry
By Corbin Hicks • Issue #235 • View online
{{first_name}}, Happy Juneteenth!
When I sat in my living room yesterday wondering why I had yet to see the trash truck, the recycling truck, or the mail truck, it finally hit me. Monday is a national holiday now! Beginning last year, the official last day of slavery is now recognized each year as Juneteenth, but it depends on your employer whether they choose to recognize it as a holiday. Because I was working and not at a cookout or something, I was able to see an African-American folk hero: Jumper Cable Jerry.
At some point in the afternoon, Jerry graced me with his presence. He walked down the driveway and knocked on the door, most likely asking for a ride to AutoZone. At this point, my dog began going berserk and notified me that I was in the presence of greatness. I don’t actually know what he wanted, because I chose not to answer the door, but after lingering for about a minute or so he left. Jerry hopped onto the back of a lawnmower and rode off into the proverbial sunset.
It’s important to acknowledge the past, present, and future of Black history and enjoy it when you’re lucky enough to be a part of it. Jumper Cable Jerry is an East Atlanta Legend, folk hero, and scammer savant, but I can’t help but think of how desperately he needs a rebrand. I want to enlist the help of a public relations person and a think tank for how to help Jerry take his talents to the next level. With a bit of ingenuity, creativity, and a sprinkle of accountability, Jerry could easily turn his fortunes around and begin a redemption tour.
Because when I think of Juneteenth, I think of redemption.
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