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July Useless Observations

July Useless Observations
By Corbin Hicks • Issue #244 • View online
Hey {{first_name}},
August is here! Besides my upcoming bachelor party, what I’m most excited about this month is every day having a forecast of 90 degrees with scattered thunderstorms. It makes me feel like I moved to Florida somehow, and everyone loves living in Florida. Anywho, the end of July means another Useless Observations newsletter. The last one can be found here, and I apologize for not sending this out earlier in the week. I got a little carried away about potentially good Brittney Griner news, but we can now move forward together. Shall we?
  • UO #1: I’ve never seen a baby pigeon in my 34 years of walking God’s green earth. This is supposedly what a baby pigeon looks like, but we all know that birds aren’t real.
  • UO #2: We need to stop pretending that the cookies in Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream aren’t Oreos. Or, they need to mix up the cookies that they use now and then to keep people on their toes.
  • UO #3: Why don’t we use the word pocketbook anymore?
  • UO #4: Cities have police chiefs and commissioners. Towns have sheriffs.
  • UO #5: Who is the target audience of Tic Tac? And with people wearing masks or quarantining for the past two years how has Tic Tac not gone out of business?
  • UO #6: Whoever invented read receipts for emails should burn in hell.
  • UO #7: On the TV show “Naked & Afraid”, contestants are given the task of surviving for 21 days in some remote location with few supplies. To be considered for the show, participants submit a video explaining their survival skills and/or training that they may have had in the past that makes them a good candidate for 3-week survival. They never explain who reviews these submissions, but everyone chosen to compete on the show is assigned a Primitive Survival Rating or PSR. The PSR is an assessment of the person based on performances in three important categories: primitive skills, mental strength, and experience. Contestants are assigned a score before they begin, and then this score is re-evaluated based on their performance. I’ve noticed that men almost always have higher scores than women in the beginning, and despite the outcome of their 21 days in the wild, the PSR scores for women are still most times lower than their male counterparts. This even accounts for instances when the woman makes it the entire 21 days and her male partner doesn’t.
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Tory Lanez - I LIKE [Official Music Video] FARGO FRIDAYS
Tory Lanez - I LIKE [Official Music Video] FARGO FRIDAYS
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