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Unbreakable BG/Heavy Jerkbait/Underwater Sniper

Unbreakable BG/Heavy Jerkbait/Underwater Sniper
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The Unbreakable BG
This reel is a workhorse. My buddy Ricky who uses the 5000 and 8000 on the party boats here in SoCal, turned me on to this reel. He’s landed some lovely yellows on it, and for the price, it’s hard to beat.
I have the 4500 that I use for my more extensive game surf fishing setup. The guys over in Texas use the 4500 or 5000 packed with 40lb braid when they’re going for big redfish and sharks. - JS
Heavy Jerkbait
I was given this lure as a gift on a recent trip down to Punta Banda by my friend Paul. He said it was rare to see a heavy jerkbait like this. We proceeded to land some monster calicos right from the seaweed.
I took it back down to Baja, and my buddy hooked up on nice yellowtail with it until he broke it off. I’ll be getting more of these, especially in the blue and silver. Sometimes the site doesn’t list them, so you’ll need to call the store. - JS
A True Underwater Sniper
I recently switched to this speargun when I was researching a nice all-around option for Baja. Down there, you have everything from giant grouper, yellowtail to smaller fish that can surprise you on each drop. You also have large rocks that could hold big fish, so it’s hard to carry around a giant gun.
That’s where a shorter roller like the 95 or 105cm comes in handy. You get reliable power, low recoil. and the ability to shoot at weird angles. The enclosed track makes this speargun easy to load and shoots like a laser. Just be careful if you bend your shaft as it could damage the track. -JS
A Circle Hook You Can Set?
If you are like me, you prefer to “set” the hook when bottom fishing. Since I choose to feel the bite and manually set the hook, this is the ONLY hook I will use for “rock codding.”
The Gamakatsu 6/0 Octopus hooks have a long shank and a bent tip similar to a circle hook, but because the eye is bent parallel to the hook tip, they can be set like a “J” hook but have the same hold as a circle due to that bent tip.
These hooks are large enough to weed out the smaller fish while remaining stealthy when holding a bait, whether it be a whole or cut squid, sardine, mackerel, or soft plastic lure. Give these a shot, and you won’t look back. - AE
A Low-Cost Fluoro
We get a lot of anglers passing through the main Cast & Spear site. One product that seems to be popular is the KastKing FluoroKote fishing line. The team here picked up a few spools to give it a shot.
For the price it’s wasn’t half bad. We were able to tie our knots fine and didn’t experience any unexpected line breakage. Our favorite is the 20lb which was solid for line-shy fish. - CS
Weekly Fishing Tips
We had a whole series with knot expert Lindsey Pillpoff on the podcast this week.
A few tips that stood out:
If you want knots that don’t break, you must practice, practice, practice.
Start with a thicker line to build muscle memory, then work your way down to a thinner line.
Understand the structure of knots versus just memorizing the recipe. This will help you understand what’s required for your different fishing applications.
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