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Smooth Baitcaster/Yellowtail Jigs/Premium Mono

Smooth Baitcaster/Yellowtail Jigs/Premium Mono
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A Silky Smooth Saltwater Baitcaster
I wasn’t much of a baitcaster guy growing up. That’s why I was a bit hesitant picking up this Lexa 400 at the Fred Hall show. I’m glad I did! The Magforce cast control makes casting a breeze and birds nests a thing of the past. When I’m casting the same lure often, this is my go-to reel. -JS
Mighty Live Bait Hooks
I have been a pretty die-hard user of Mustad hooks for quite some time. However, I was recently given a Black Tail Live Bait Hooks package and decided to try them out.
The size I used was 1/0, and I found this size to be perfect for a sardine. The wire gauge was slightly heavier than I was used to, and there was a bit of an inward bend on the very tip of the hook.
None the less I flew these hooks out in nose hooked, shoulder hooked, and butt-hooked baits—time and again, the hook connected when my bait was picked up. I will keep a package of these on me whenever I am on the water from here on out. -AE
Deep Drop Yellowtail Jigs
I was out in Baja targeting yellowtail the other week. The pangadero was recommending we use blue and white yo-yo jigs. After a few drops, I didn’t have a bite.
I decided to swap my jig to my trusty mackerel Ahi Assault jig and sent it down deep. As I was burning it back up I got nailed by a nice 15 lb yellowtail. I gave one to my buddy and he hooked up as well. These jigs work! -JS
German-Made Premium Mono
I feel like mono gets a bad rap nowadays. Everyone loves their braid and fluorocarbon, but I’m still rocking mono whenever I can. Call me old school, but I like the stretch and the low cost.
Not all mono is created equally, however. I do like to pay a little bit extra for Ande mono. It’s made in Germany and it’s never let me down. Smoke grey and pink are fishy colors. -JS
The Narrow Work Horse
Few methods of hook and line fishing are as popular with Southern California anglers as surface iron fishing. Typically performed with a long rod and a star drag conventional reel with excellent free spool and comfortable ergos.
Penn’s Fathom 25 Narrow Star Drag reel fits the bill perfectly. It feels nice in the hand and casts well. Penn designed the spool with about 1/8" lip on either side so the angler’s thumb can control the rotational speed of the spool without lying on the line, this helps with consistent braking and spool management. The handle has 2 positions offering either a shorter length of throw or increased torque.
Overall the reel is very ergonomic and relative to other offerings it is quite affordable. Coupled with an educated thumb it casts a variety of baits and lures with ease. -AE
Weekly Fishing Tips
This week’s podcast guests were Erica Nelson (@awkwardangler) and Jake Lords (@bigjakelords).
Erica’s fly fishing tip: Fly fishing can seem inaccessible, but it’s really not. Start with basic gear, watch a few YouTube videos, and enjoy a day in the stream.
Jake’s spearfishing tip: Learn to be OK with the cold. It’s a mental challenge, but one that’ll make you a stronger person.
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