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Snap's big night, and everything you missed over the break

Every good new year begins with a party, and so too does our first newsletter of 2018. It seems that
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The Interface
Every good new year begins with a party, and so too does our first newsletter of 2018. It seems that Snap rang in Jan. 1 with a $4 million party at LA Live, the collection of middling chain restaurants that surrounds the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Chris Mims had the easy (and, among journalists, representative) take: “Snapchat lost almost half a billion dollars in its most recent 3 month reporting period and 99 cents out of every new ad dollar goes to Google and Facebook but hey at least everyone had fun.”
It’s true that Snap had a bruising 2017. And it’s also true that its risky redesign still hasn’t shipped to most users, despite being announced in November. I can understand why some might look at a giant New Year’s Eve party and conclude that Evan Spiegel was fiddling while Rome burns. 
And yet the same facts that have journalists cranky strike me as actually-pretty-good reasons to throw an epic party. Facebook’s relentless cloning of Snapchat not only blunted the company’s business momentum — it also threatened to make it look doomed. That’s bad for morale, bad for recruitment, and bad for the media narrative around the company.
No party can turn that around. And yet flying in every employee from around the world, and treating to them performances from Drake and Diplo, may have been exactly what Snap needed as it began the year. A strict privacy policy was both in keeping with the company’s values and a guarantee that at least some of the 5,000 guests in attendance would violate it. Posts about the “irony” of Snap’s party being visible only on Instagram inevitably followed.
And if you’re Snap, how great is that? All the basics in attendance at your New Year’s bash promote it on Instagram, while everyone trying to find it in Snapchat itself finds only an exclusive club they can’t get into. Snap’s reputation as a private place for real friends is burnished, even as its party becomes the stuff of public legends. 
I’m not saying any of this was the point of the party — I hate that kind of cheap, 4-dimensional chess analysis. But writing off Snap’s big night as tech-bro cluelessness feels just as cheap. It’s going to be a big year for Snap — might as well start it off with a bang. 

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