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Snap back to reality — oops, there goes gravity [The Interface]

Let's say you're Facebook, and you have a fake news problem. Something you have observed is that your
November 7 · Issue #22 · View online
The Interface
Let’s say you’re Facebook, and you have a fake news problem. Something you have observed is that your own users often call out news for being fake, and you wonder whether your sophisticated machine-learning tools can use this information to identify hoaxes more quickly. 
And then ………. this happens.
A Facebook test that promoted comments containing the word fake to the top of news feeds has been criticised by users.
The trial, which Facebook says has now concluded, aimed to prioritise “comments that indicate disbelief”.
It meant feeds from the BBC, the Economist, the New York Times and the Guardian all began with a comment mentioning the word fake.
The test, which was visible only to some users, left many frustrated.
The comments appeared on a wide range of stories, from ones that could be fake to ones that were clearly legitimate. The remarks, which would appear at the top of the comments section, came from a variety of people but the one thing that they had in common was the word fake.
It turns out that pushing the word “fake” to the top of the comments on every story made every story look fake. Some have argued that in retrospect, this outcome seemed obvious. I will leave that for others to say. 
I am here to tell you only that it is hilarious.

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